GNCC Bike XC1 Series – Round 6 Yadkinville, NC

In the XC1 class, FMF/KTM rider Nate Kanney came around the first turn within the top five.

His teammate, Cory Buttrick, didn’t get his bike started as quickly but once going came blasting through the first turn to move up to the middle of the pack. He went wide on the second turn and passed another group of riders to soon be right behind his teammate near the top five.

As the race progressed both XC1 riders maintained there pace and rode a strong race through the tough conditions. Kanney held on to his top five position to finish 5th while Buttrick finished behind him in 6th despite a few last lap crashes.
Overall Results XC1 Class
1. Charles Mullins
2. Paul Whibley
3. Glenn Kearney
4. Chris Bach – KTM
5. Nate Kanney – KTM
6. Cory Buttrick – KTM

To finish the day off well, RPM/KTM Women’s rider Maria Forsberg dominated the early morning Women’s class for the fifth time this season. Forsberg won her race by over three minutes and further strengthened her points lead on the field.
Women’s Class
1. Maria Forsberg – KTM
2. Mandi Mastin
3. Ashley Crouch
6. Kelly Hall – KTM
8. Samantha Steiner – KTM
9. Shelby Rolen – KTM
Next Race: May 23, 2010 – Somerset, PA

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