Impact Xtremey Awards Program Honors DVDs

As it does every year, DVD distributor Impact Video threw a swanky party last week to celebrate the best powersports movies in the industry. Dubbed the Impact Xtremey Awards, the event is noteworthy for dealers because it provides guidance as to which titles to stock. (For a full report on the benefits of selling DVDs in general.

Impact Video’s Docy Andrews created the Xtremey Awards nine years ago “to recognize the contribution videos have made to the extreme sports industry and to applaud the artistic endeavors of their creators.”

This year’s event was held at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa, Calif. Attendees were treated to a Ketel One Martini bar, an opening dance number performed by a local dance team, a clip of the Malcolm Smith CPSIA protest, a tribute for the late stunter Jeremy Lusk, a performance by Docy and the Imps (performing “Proud Moto” based on Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”), and an after-party featuring a band.

Industry notables in attendance included Kenny Bartram, Joe Bonnello, Micky Dymond, Donnie Emler Jr., Marty Fiolka, Sal Fish, Michelle Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Malcolm McCassy, Mike Metzger, Mark Post, Ronnie Renner, Jim Ryan, Cameron Steele, Heidi Steele, Ivan Stewart and Tom White.
This year’s winners include:
Best Snowmobile Video of the Year: Thunderstruck 7
Best Snowmobile Performance in a Video: Randy Swenson in the above movie
Best Sportbike Freestyle Video of the Year: Throttle Trauma 2: Street Kings
Best Sportbike Freestyle Performance in a Video: Nick “Apex” Bocha in above movie
Best Profile Video of the Year: 199 Lives: The Travis Pastrana Story
Best Quad Video of the Year: Huevos 11
Best Quad Freestyle Performance in a Video: Caleb Moore in the above movie
Best Instructional Video of the Year: Offroad with Nathan Woods
Best Theatrical Competition and Race Video of the Year: The Destroyers
Best Broadcast Competition Video of the Year: Baja 500 2008
Best Vintage Video of the Year: The Motocross Files: Bob Hannah
Best Sand/Rock Video of the Year: Quicksand 5; The Snake Hunt
Best Enduro/Off-Road Moto Video of the Year: Last Man Standing
Best New Producer of the Year: From the Ground Up 2, produced by Steven Haughelstine
Best Off Road Truck Video of the Year: From the Dirt
Best Freestyle MX Video of the Year: Crusty Demons of Dirt 14: A Bloodthirsty Saga
Best MX Freestyle Performance in a Video: Travis Pastrana in Thrillbillies: Doublewide
Honorary Achievement Award: off-road racer Ricky Johnson, winner of seven AMA national championships