Improve Your Cornering Skills With RIDE Academy

RIDE Academy is led by former AMA Pro Flat Track racer and four-time main event winner Mike Hacker. He has coached and mentored many of the nation’s top racers, including reigning champion Jake Johnson. Hacker is joined by instructors that include three-time AMA Pro Flat Track champion Kenny Coolbeth, two-time and current AMA Pro Flat Track Champion Johnson, AMA Pro Flat Track racer Johnny Lewis who has finished in the top eight the past three seasons, and former AMA Pro Flat Track Twins Champion Jared Mees who finished second during the 2011 series.
“It’s not every day that a student can ride alongside a champion, learn from the elite and absorb the knowledge of what took years for some to learn, all at a two-day school,” said Hacker. “We seek riders who are determined to excel in their racing, not only those who have the passion for riding. We desire to build the next champions with excellence in riding instruction.”
Students will learn a broad range of techniques to reduce lap times, and limit mistakes which tend to lead to poor finishes and crashes. At RIDE Academy, each student has the opportunity for one-on-one coaching with a champion or an established pro racer. This benefit is unique to RIDE Academy since it has five racers dedicating time at each school. While this school is intended to support flat track racers and grow the sport, all motorcycle competitors are welcome.
The first RIDE Academy school of the season will be March 3-4, 2012 at RIDE Academy Headquarters in Charles City, Va. All ages are welcome to participate. Riders under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present. Lunch vouchers are available both days. All participants must provide their own protective gear including helmet, boots, gloves, jersey or jacket, and pants. Cost is $500 per person.
To register for RIDE Academy on March 3-4 or for more details, visit RIDE Academy will release additional school dates in the near future.

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