Interview of the Week – Chris Parsons of Team Confused Clothing/Warthog Racing

Interview by Annie Connolly

We know it’s not always easy to be the privateer when you’re lining up against the stacked factory teams every weekend – On top of trying to make a splash ON the track, you’ve also got to worry about hauling your own bike to the races, looking for sponsors, extra parts, etc…Well that’s where Confused Clothing/Warthog Racing steps in, providing privateers with the opportunity to experience racing as part of a team offering riders their own mechanic, training, pit set-up as well bike transportation.  We caught up with the ever so busy Chris Parsons to talk about this unique team.
What is your official title over at CC/WR?
Team Manager/Driver/Mechanic/Chef
Can you give us a little history on CC/WR? How it all began…?
A man and his dream of helping Privateers get to the next level.  Scott Kandel is that man.  He believes in the underdog.
How about some history on yourself? How and when did you get involved with this team?
I was a mechanic  from about 1989-2004 and then I decided to try driving.  I was an OTR driver when Forrest Butler called.  So 3 years ago I drove for Butler Brother’s MX.  Due to some insurance stuff [my tickets] that gig ended that same year at Daytona.  When Outdoors came around Darrell [the old team manager] called so off I went.
CC/WR is a team that offers a unique opportunity to privateers and up and coming riders – Can you tell us a little more about what that entails and what you can provide to these riders?
We help with sponsorship and exposure as well as a wealth of knowledge.  We have a very talented mental coach named Brian McDonald with Longshot racing [look ’em up it’s worth it].  Tyler Bowers is one of his students.  We also have veteran riders from the past that include Tom Parsons, Heath Voss, Jeff Alessi, Jacob Saylor, Ryan Mills and many more who mentor the newer riders. The list is too huge for paper as is their help.
Not only do you deal just with riders but also the aspiring mechanics…You have a strong relationship with MMI – Tell us about that…
We have been very fortunate that Terry Emig from MMI had a vision which was to expose Techs to the racing world. Warthog Racing gave Terry his vessel to do that.  Many Techs have found themselves now working for Teams or within the industry.
CC/WR has been around for several years now and has helped launch the careers of many of today’s top riders, are there any that particularly stand out in your mind as the “diamond in the rough” type story?  I mean, talent can take you far but hard work combined with that talent can take you anywhere…
There’s a few that stand out. Vince Friese, Tyler Bowers, Weston Peick, Kyle Cunningham, Jarred ”Jett” Browne, Jase Lewis, Adam Chatfield, Aden De Jager, Jeff Loop, Josh Clark [Aden and Jeff stepped up their game and Josh was on fire in Supercross while never having raced it before], and also Jesse Casillas.  Some of these riders have it already while we’ve helped others become it.
As a team do you guys ever pursue a particular rider that you know maybe doesn’t have a ride for the season? Or does your rig fill itself up on application alone?
We offer to some riders that are ex-factory, but most think that’s a step backward. Fine with me, we don’t do rockstars anyway. We try and offer them a way to do it their way, but we can’t pay them because that would go against our base direction.  We pretty much stick with the privateers.  Yeah, we fill up every year.  We try not to be too too biased but we have to reject some.  For example, if you’ve been doing Supercross and Outdoors for a couple of years and you haven’t made a show [not the main, just qualifed] you’re probably wasting you’re time and money and there’s not really much we can do for you.  We like eager and hungry riders wanting to go to the next level and we will do everything in our power to help them achieve that vision.
What kind of expectations do you have for your riders? Hailing from many different areas, are they responsible for their own training regimen at home or do you put specific programs together for each of them?
We have Brian available, who runs camps for Supercross and Nationals, but other than that they’re pretty much on their own.  If they’re serious about it they know what they have to do.  After a few rounds you find out who’s putting in the work and who isn’t.  As long as they move forward then they’re making progress, if they’re going backwards they’ll get kicked in the gones [lol] to get them motivated.
At this early point in the season does CC/WR have a full roster or is there room in your pits for any new faces?
Pretty much our outdoor season is a pay-to-play program.  Sponsor budgets are tight this year, so the riders will make it go down the road.  Pricing is available by contacting me at my email or cell# [see below].  Every dime goes to racing.
And lastly, if someone is interested in getting involved with your program how should they go about it?
You can email me at or call  352-274-1036.
Thanks for your time Chris! Good luck in Texas!
No problem Annie, see ya at the wick, and keep up the good work Louis Lane. Remember life is only gonna give you what you put into it!!!!
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