Interview of the Week – Derek Almy of Titan MX

By Annie Connolly 8.31.2010, Photo credit:
Titan MX is an emerging graphics company based out of the northeast.  With new product and a revamped image, Titan is hoping to take the industry by storm.  We caught up with Derek Almy to learn a little more about Titan MX and what they’re all about…

Derek, what’s the story behind Titan MX?
Titan MX is a graphics company who opened up in Connecticut in 2005 with their eye on the prize.  Brothers Rich and Mike Novia, had sights of taking on the moto graphic industry by storm, and most certainly have the abilities to do so.  But like most new businesses they ran into a few bumps in the road, but have since then gained some ground and are ready to expand and push products out of the Northeast and really go big.
So you do both pre-printed as well as custom graphics?
Yes, we really specialize in custom graphics and with a slogan like “Keepin’ it Fresh” we are constantly playing around designing some of the most innovative graphics out there.  We try to avoid your basic cookie cutter graphic designs and make every one of our customer’s bikes look like full team race bikes.
Do you offer any other products at this time? Any plans for the future?
Yes, we do a lot of different printing stuff like Jersey Lettering, Custom Pit Boards, Bike Graphics, Tee Shirt Printing, Custom Seat Covers, Etc.
The company is based in New Hampshire? Kind of an unlikely location…
Titan MX relocated to New Hampshire to get revamped for this upcoming year, and you know being from the Northeast yourself that big things come out of this little state like Factory Connection, VForce, Planet Fitness, Etc.  Doing what we do that is kind of the beauty- it does not really matter where you are located as long as UPS and FedEx can get to you.
You’re originally from there – Did that play a part in how you got involved?
Yeah, a little bit.  I was originally just a customer who liked stickers haha.  Over here, we all shared some similar interests and things kind of just fell into place.  It’s pretty cool enjoying what you do.
What’s your role at Titan MX?
I am taking over as the Lead National Sales Rep and Head of the Rider Support Division.  I am really looking forward to being able to help out and work with all the riders.
Speaking of rider support, what kind of programs do you offer in terms of sponsorship?
I am in the mist of building a Elite Team for 2011 as we speak.  We will be offering tiered support levels for riders of all abilities and ages.  Please feel free to send resumes and inquiries to
Do you currently have a team? If so who?
We have some AMA Professionals riding the outdoors like Billy Ainsworth, Myself, Mike Leavitt, Ryan Desroiser, and a few others.  But also we have a few kids who killed it down in Tennessee at Loretta Lynn’s like Jake and Justin Beaudoin, Cameron McInerney, Scotty Carpenter, Pete “Pistol” Davis, Marissa Markelon, Etc.
If a rider were interested in getting involved with Titan MX, how should they go about that?
Check us out on the website and for any rider support stuff or if you just want to say hello my email is
Also check us out on Facebook – Titan MX and “like” our page if you approve our work!!!!!