Interview of the Week – Gannon Audette

By Annie Connolly, 8/17/201 Photo credit:,
Rising amateur star Gannon Audette has proved he’s a force to reckon with as he just left Loretta Lynn’s with a title in the 450 A/ Pro Sport class.  We caught up with the likeable Suzuki rider to talk about his recent win and plans for the future.

When did you start riding and who got you involved with it?
I got involved in racing by my dad. He was racing at the time and as soon as I was able to ride a bike. I started riding when I was 3 and racing when I was 4.
First bike?
I really don’t remember my first bike haha
What do you see as your biggest accomplishment from your Amateur career?
My biggest accomplishment in my amateur career so far is probably my 2 championships at Loretta Lynn’s in the 450 B Mod in 2009 and 450 A Pro Sport in 2010.
Best memory?
My best memory would probably be Loretta’s 2010.
Who is/has been your biggest influence?
Ryan Dungey and Ben Townley. They’re the fastest and hardest working guys out there.
So you’ve seen a lot of success this year, what were your goals heading into Loretta’s?
My goals heading to Loretta’s this year…I don’t know I didn’t really have any except to just to go in there and do the best I can and I did that and came out with a 1st and a 2nd .
Yeah, you just left Loretta’s with a title in 450A/Pro Sport? How do you feel about that?
Coming out with a title in the 450 A Pro Sport feels pretty good. I worked hard for that and it feels good that my hard work paid off.
What are your plans now following Loretta’s – Will you be racing any of the remaining Nationals?
As of right now I’m still an amateur but I’m open to anything. We’ll see you never know.
Plans for next year? Anything lined up?
Not really anything yet but we’ll see.
Lastly, anyone you’d like to thank?
Thanks to Rockstar Makita Suzuki, Factory Connection, TLR Motors, Von Zipper, Fox, Tag, Dunlop, Team associated, Leatt Brace, Asterisk, Maxima, Wiseco, Excel, Sunline

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