Interview of the Week – Justin Barcia of Geico Powersports/Honda

By Annie Connolly

Geico Powersports/Honda rider Justin Barcia wowed us all last summer with his rookie success at the Nationals.  Not only did he show us that he could keep up with veterans of the 250 class but even went on to win his first overall at Southwick.  He continued to impress this winter winning SX races and finishing the season 2nd overall.  The expectations for Barcia were high coming into the 2010 Lucas Oil Motocross Series but some of us were left confused and asking what’s up with the #17 bike after the first two races (Hangtown, Freestone). Just as we were looking for an answer Justin showed up and ran away with the first moto at High Point.  He then went on to take second overall this past weekend at Budds Creek with 3-2 finishes.  We caught up with Justin to talk a little bit about his season so far.
Justin, what’s up? How are things going?
Nothing much, just got home from Maryland after a good weekend of racing.
So, Hangtown and Freestone I think those two races left a lot of your fans wondering what was going on – What happened?
Yeah definitely, those first two races were tough. I was struggling with some bike problems, but after all that happened the team and I sat down and fixed the problems, and I’m back!
Even as an amateur you’ve always been perceived as a rider who is very confident, almost cocky, about your abilities on a dirt bike. Was it hard to move forward and put these mediocre results behind you?
No not really, after the first two races I put all the problems behind me and focused on up coming races and worked really hard at MTF testing and training.
Just when everyone was maybe starting to focus on some other guys for the top spots you came out swinging at High Point, passed Pourcel and pretty much ran away with Moto one (bike problems in Moto 2) What changed between the first two races and High Point?
Yeah like I said I fixed all the issues and I just really wanted to win, that’s my main goal always.
You just took second overall (3-2) at Budds Creek this weekend, which moved you up into fourth in points After your previous success outdoors, did you expect it to take this long, four races, to get up there?
No I didn’t expect it to take four races, but I feel confident now that I have been up front and want to just keep moving forward until I get that first overall.
What were your goals coming into Outdoors and have your results so far affected them at all?
My goals were to win the championship and it is still possible to do that so I’ll go weekend by weekend to win races.
You seem to thrive on people’s doubts, like this winter you said something to the effect of “Let them keep hitting me, do you have anything to say for the people that may still question your consistency after the first few races?
No not at all after this weekend at Budds Creek I realized I have amazing fans. Every weekend I love it - They yell and wave me on, that’s what keeps me going!
Now after two successful weekends, how do you feel heading into Thunder Valley? You were fourth there last year.
Yeah for sure, first off I love Thunder Valley, it’s such a great track so with all my hard work during the week I should be on the podium!
So is it safe to say we should expect to see more of the #17 bike up front this summer?
Yeah I just need to have great starts and keep it on two wheels and that will put me in the front of the pack.
Thanks so much Justin, good luck in Colorado!