Interview of the Week – Taylor Miller on Her Recent Canadian Title

By Annie Connolly, 8.24.2010
19 year old Taylor Miller says she “had always wanted to race in Canada” –  So of course, when a chance arose to try out for a ride she figured she’d give it a shot.  Apparently she was pretty impressive as she landed the ride and ultimately the Women’s National Title in Canada.  In this interview Taylor talks about her experience up north…

Give us a little history about yourself – When did you start riding, how did you get involved with it?
I got my first dirtbike when I was three, it was my Christmas present. After that I started racing when I was four years old. My dad grew up racing and got me involved as soon as possible, haha. My dad has owned a race track since I was little so racing has been in my family since I can remember. Racing is in my blood it always has been and it always will be. I have played other sports throughout school but racing has my heart.
I noticed on a profile of yours that you’re a self-proclaimed “hippie” – Explain…
Yeah I’m not your average racer…I love the outdoors and adventuring places that no one really takes time  to enjoy. My style is very haggard – I’m either rocking a bandana or a hat on back and shades on my face. Back home me and my friend have a tie dying business so I hardly own a white piece of clothing it’s all tie dye, haha.
What kind of things do you enjoy besides riding?
If I’m not racing or at the track practicing I’m at the lake, no doubt. I love being on the water, it’s either I’m on a boat or shredding behind it on my wakeboard. I also enjoy hiking, kayaking, and going to shows.
So the big news is that you just won a Women’s National title in Canada, what were your goals heading into that series?
Yeah I’m pretty pumped about my title.  I really didn’t know what to expect coming into the series, being it was my first time in Canada I was just going with the flow, showing up and riding my best and just seeing what happened. I had a great sponsor with an amazing bike so I really was excited to race up in Canada!
What made you decide to race the Canadian Nationals versus the WMX series here?
I have always wanted to be able to race in Canada and me and my parents always talked about doing the Canadian series and see how it was and stuff. My friend randomly texted me  one day and was like, ” hey go check out this post on Racer X, it’s about this ride for Canada and this guy is seeking a pro female racer for the Canadian series”.  So I called the guy and next week I was on my way up to New York to try out for this racing spot. I guess I was the lucky one and got the ride so that’s how I ended up racing the series this year in Canada.
You’re not a stranger to winning though, with prior titles at places like Loretta’s, how does this recent championship compare?
I’ve been going to Loretta’s since I was a little girl and I grew up around the hype of winning a Loretta Lynn’s title. I still to this day will not forget that feeling of being on that podium at Loretta’s holding that championship plate. When I found out about the Walton race I really didn’t know what it was all about except people kept telling me its like Loretta’s, so I was really pumped to race Walton and to receive a title from there.
It must have been exciting to beat a lot of riders on their home soil…?
Yeah it was fun to come up and race with girls I have never raced before. It kind of helped me out not knowing who’s all fast and stuff like that . I just showed up out of the blue and raced my own race everytime. I love to see the sport growing for the girls and I know one day it will be bigger than ever!
We’ve seen some pretty fast girls this summer, how did the competition in Canada compare to the WMX series here?
Wherever you go there’s always competiton. In the states we ride year round so we have more time on the bike and have more time to progress from year to year. There are some fast chicks in Canada but it’s nothing like the competition in the states…They’re fast!!!
What’s next on your agenda?
I’ve been on the road since June so I’m going to take some time to relax back home and enjoy the rest of my summer that I have left, haha!
Anyone you’d like to thank?
I would love to thank the Wernsdorfers from New York for giving me this amazing opportunity to travel and race in Canada this summer. WMXTREME Pro Services, MPH, RG3, PANT SAGGIN DEZIGN, and all of my friends and family that helped me get to where I am today!

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