Interview of the Week – Vicki Golden of Team Motoconcepts/Yamaha

Interview by Annie Connolly, Photos by Katie Cyr 7/2/2010

2009 saw Vicki Golden burst onto the scene as she began her rookie season racing the WMX series. She impressed everyone as she grabbed a podium position (2nd) at Hangtown in just her second Pro race ever.  Golden also had the opportunity to ride for Geico Powersports/Honda during the 2009 season as a spot opened up under their tent. This year, she signed with Motoconcepts Yamaha and has been consistently impressive with top 5 finishes. She currently sits fourth in points.  We caught up with the young and talented rider recently.
How’s the new team so far“ Motoconcepts Yamaha?
The team is great! We all work really well together and have a great time at the races.
How was your weekend in Colorado? Did the altitude change affect you at all?
Colorado was definitely a struggle for me with the altitude. I have exercise induced asthma so it’s hard enough riding at home but to add the elevation it was a challenge for me. First moto didn’t work out as well as planned but I got a chance to redeem myself in moto 2. I had fun riding in the mud and ended up 3rd.
You’ve ridden on your own and you’ve ridden for two teams (Geico, Motoconcepts)  Can you talk about that and how the team support has helped your riding?
Having team support has helped me a lot and not just in my riding. Having that many people on one team support helps build my confidence during the week and at the races.
What is your training regimen like? Who do you train and ride with during the week?
During the week I get a lot of help from Mike Craig. The biggest change I have made this year is training with Rob Styron at X Factor. He’s helped put my fitness on another level.
After some success as a rookie, what were your goals coming into the WMX series this year?
Well my goals were to stay and on the podium and win some races and to actually finish this season!

Well it looks like you’re doing pretty well with that – You’ve been consistently in the top five and sit fourth in points right now, how do you feel about your season so far?
I’m not 100% happy about my season so far. I’ve been struggling a lot and having to deal with some personal things which has kind of hindered my focus at the races. The seasons not over yet so I still have time to get on top of that podium!
It seems like the girls are getting faster, we’re seeing more women getting team support What do you think of the growth we’re seeing on the women’s side of the sport?
Everyone is going so fast now, it’s awesome! Thanks to all these teams, more and more women are getting the chance to really show their stuff because we have the bikes and the support to do it on.
How about the Nationals? Right now you girls race 8 of the 12 rounds, would you like to do all 12?
It would be awesome to be able to do all 12 rounds. Our season is so short and then our off season is so long! It would be really cool to get to ride all those tracks too.
What are you thoughts on the 250 and 450 class this season? Any predictions?
The men’s racing has been really fun to watch like it is every year but I know my teammates will be up there. Just seems like some bad luck has been hitting us!
What is your favorite thing about racing?
My favorite thing about racing would have to be when I have fun. I always get so caught up in putting down fast laps or pin pointing all your corners that I forget to relax and have fun. When I do that I have no regrets about the day.
Lastly, you’re on the list for X Games It’s one of the only major SX-type events for women, talk about that?
I’m really excited to get the chance to ride X Games. SX is more my style so im looking forward to getting back on an SX track and have some fun!
Thanks Vicki!