It's Official. Gavin Gracyk Joins Joe Gibbs Racing

Well the big news is Gavin Gracyk will be joining us for the AMA Toyota National Championship Series starting in May. Gavin’s story is one of grit and determination through incredible personal trials. Bonds between fathers and sons that race are especially strong. Gavin lost his dad last year and Gavin’s determination throughout his father’s illness was an inspiration to us all. We are hoping that with the focus on racing our program can provide him, along with our YZ450Fs, he can have the opportunity to show what he can do with Gary smiling down on him. We are really glad that we are in a position to give Gavin a chance to see how he can do without worrying about how is getting to the next race, or if his bike will be on par with the other teams he competes against outdoors.

Gavin has been riding for the Troy Lee Designs Honda Red Bull team in Lites West Supercross since the start of the 2008 season. Troy, who is our gear sponsor has been very supportive of Gavin, and worked with us to help make this happen. Several of our other sponsors have expressed their support as well, including Cycra, one of Gavin’s sponsors as well as ours, and Toyota. As a matter of fact, Gavin is driving a 2008 Tundra right now, which is a good thing as his truck broke down on his way to see us.

Our V.P. of Marketing, David Evans told me the story. “I get a text message late on Easter Sunday from Gavin,” he explained. “Gavin said he’s not sure when he will be at the shop because his truck broke down. The next morning when I turn my phone on I get another text message, saying he had his truck towed to the shop and he will be waiting in the parking lot. I show up at around 9:00 AM and sure enough there is a beat up Chevy in the back corner of the lot with the familiar 273 bikes in the back. I walk up to the window and there’s Gavin sound asleep on the seat. I tapped on the glass and woke him up. He told me he charged the tow to his credit card, $1,300 worth! He said nothing was going to stop him from getting to our shop on time for his meeting with Jeremy. Classic Gavin Gracyk.”

Charles Summey continues to work hard and his results show the effort, with a ninth in the main event during last Saturday’s Toronto Supercross. We feel Charles and Gavin will complement one another, both are hard working determined privateers eager to have a chance with factory level support.

We would also like to clarify that Live Nation does not consider us privateers, which we agree with. Our suspension and access to OW Yamaha parts separates us from the privateers in Supercross.

Be sure to check out the new Toyota all access videos up on Todd Huffman and Toyota are showing some behind the scenes action at the Supercross races you would not otherwise see. Here’s the link: