KATA Prism U Camera Bag Review

If you are anything like us you like to take care of the things you have. This way the stuff you have works when you need it to and you don’t find yourself replacing things all the time. When we do our photo shoots at EDM we generally bring a variety photo gear. Usually all packed nicely into a hard shell camera case which has neat little compartments for everything. One of the main drawbacks to the hard case is it doesn’t fit on my back very well! And riding trails with one hand isn’t something I’m very good at. This means I have to stuff $5,000 worth of camera gear into a backpack.

This in itself isn’t so bad until you start thinking about all the bouncing that goes on during a ride. While my body doesn’t mind this (actually it craves it) camera equipment really hates it. Hard metal parts and delicate, expensive glass make an awful sound when slammed together.

I have tried several “camera” backpacks from different camera equipment manufacturers and they tend to be very big and bulky, not what you want for an entire day of riding. Along comes Kata bags who’s motto is “It’s not enough that the equipment fit the case, the case must also fit the user” with their line of camera bags.

KATA Bags sent us the Prism U from their Ergo-Tech Camera Collection which provides just enough room for me to fit one DSLR body, one 200mm lens and two wide angle lenses, a flash, plus flash card cases and some other small items. Put it on and you hardly notice it is there. The outside is very well padded so small bumps won’t damage your gear. I would not drop this bag with any equipment in it. The Prism U is not designed for absolute protection but as a compact carrying device it is outstanding! Measures L11.8”, W5.9”, H17.7 Weight 2.3 lbs


  • Dual flap access to divided main compartment that can be unzipped to create one large space
  • Upper section – securing Elasto–Guard sleeves, organizer panel & roaming media pocket.
  • Lower section – flat flexible zip pocket
  • Rear safe guard laptop compartment for up to 12 inch laptops
  • 2 side pockets with double layered section zip pockets concealed underneath
  • 2 media pouches integrated into the shoulder straps for quick access
  • Flexi-Shield reinforcement runs along the front bottom flap.

Retail: $89.95
On the web at www.kata-bags.com

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