Katie's Travels – Texas to Colorado

As soon as the weekend in Freestone, Texas was over, my Dad decided that we were more than ready to get the heck out of that state! It was getting too expensive to run the air conditioning all the time, so we started to head north to Colorado. It was like night and day difference in the weather once we got there. Finally we could get some sleep without it being too hot!
We arrived in Colorado June 9th, and went riding that afternoon at a track in Berthoud. It was pretty cheap to ride there…But after witnessing the track conditions, I can understand why. The track was like concrete, it was so hard packed! On top of the hard pack, there were tons of little marble-like rocks that made it even more slippery.
After spending a few hours at Berthoud, we took care of the weekly grocery list, and then headed to Ashley Boham’s house. Ashley races the pro class at Nationals, on the #13 Kawasaki. The Boham family was nice enough to let us park our camper at their house for the last 2 weeks in between Nationals. We ended up having a ton of fun! If you ever see Ashley with an airsoft gun…Be careful! She’s got killer aim. I’ve still got tons of bruises from the welts that the plastic BB’s made! We got bored one afternoon, so we went outside and had a fight with our airsoft guns. Of course, we went all out and wore moto goggles!
What else did we do for 2 weeks? We actually only rode a few times while in Colorado. A lot of our time was spent going to work with Ashley. She works for a Gardening/Landscaping company full time. We were kept busy, working 12 hours a day! One of the first days we were in Colorado, we decided to go sky diving. It took some persuading, but Ashley talked Julie and I into it. We pulled into the facility early on a Friday morning, and started to fill out our papers to jump. I was about half way through my packet, when I read, “All jumpers MUST be 18 years of age or older”. We tried to talk the staff into letting my dad sign for me, because I’m a minor, but apparently that’s not legal in Colorado. Major bummer! I had to sit on the ground while Julie and Ashley got to jump. We’re all going to try to go again in Connecticut when Ashley comes over to the East coast for the Southwick National.

We also rode at a track in Erie four times over the past few weeks. I believe it was at the IMI Sports Complex. At the Complex, there was a motocross track, a supermoto/go kart track, and two free riding areas. The track got really hard packed, but not as bad as Berthoud! When they tilled the track deep and watered a lot, it was actually pretty good! Tons of laps were put in, and the bikes got some good use! John Boham, Julie, and my Dad all got Julie’s race bike’s jetting dialed in. Because there’s no race for me to run up here in CO, we didn’t bother jetting mine. It was bogging coming out of corners, and was a pain in the butt to start, but other than that, it ran surprisingly good for not being tuned!
As of right now, we’re situated in the pro pits at Thunder Valley in Lakewood, CO for this weekend’s National. What are everyone’s predictions for the races? I have a strong feeling that Eli Tomac is going to redeem himself, and take the win. He’s got a lot of talent for a young kid! As for the 450 class, I’d like to see Andrew Short finish on top. It’s hard to say my predictions for the WMX class, there are a handful of girls who can lead the race on any given weekend. We’ll see how the weekend plays out!
Thanks for reading!
Katie Cyr