KTM Pays Homage to World's Oldest Offroad Event: The Six Days

The International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) is an annual event with a rich history that stretches back to 1913.
It is therefore appropriate that in 2008 KTM should pay homage to the event’s greatness by competing with a top line-up of KTM riders and with the release of the special edition KTM EXC Six Days 2009 models.

The event, this year being held in the fascinating mountainous terrain of Serres in Northern Greece, started its life in Carlisle, England, in 1913 and with the exceptions of breaks for the two World Wars has been run every year since. While in its early years, then titled the International Six Day Trial, it was mostly a test of man and machine on the roads of the day it has now evolved into the classic true offroad event. Since 1980 it has been called the ISDE (International Six Days Enduro) and as well as European venues, has also been held in the USA, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and last year in Chile.

Special edition EXC Six Days 2009 motorcycle for ISDE
But in 2008, KTM is making a very significant gesture in honour of this historic event with the release of their special EXC Six Days 2009 models available as 125 EXC, 250 EXC, 300 EXC, 250 EXC-F, 450 EXC and 530 EXC versions. These highly robust machines are designed to enhance the pleasure of pitting riding skills against the forces of nature and feature a whole range of special features. The KTM Six Days 2009 models include numerous details designed to enhance the competitive experience. Among them are a machined triple clamp, a fully adjustable, massive WP 48 mm USD fork, front fork venting valves, PHDS dampened handlebar adapter, the new generation Brembo brakes together with a quick change bolt for the rear brake pads, transparent fuel tank, massive motor protection, hand protectors and seat including map holder and are finished off with exclusive Six Days graphics.
KTM always “Ready to Race”
KTM is a company that lives by the spirit of its slogan “Ready to Race” and as the world’s leading manufacturer of offroad sports motorcycles, the company is proud that almost half of the 450 starters from more than 30 nations represented at the 2008 ISDE will be onboard the orange machines. Included in this number will be a blue ribbon line-up of professional riders from the KTM Enduro factory stable: Juha Salminen and Marko Tarkkala of Finland, Ivan Cervantes of Spain, Alessandro Belometti and Thomas Oldrati of Italy, Tom Sagar of Britain and Kurt Caselli of the USA.
Gruelling test of physical, mental and tactical skills
Riders in the Six Days will be in the saddle for gruelling hours per day. They will complete over 2000 km of riding in a range of terrains that will test their physical, mental and tactical skills as well as the reliability of their motorcycles. For some it will be the opportunity of a lifetime, for others, like the KTM factory team members, it will be another exciting chapter in their professional lives. KTM is proud of its past success at the ISDE and is looking forward to a repeat of that success in 2008. The introduction of the special EXC Six Days 2009 model range is designed to enhance riders’ chances of success and provide the substance for yet another chapter in the history of the Austrian manufacturer.