KTM to Unveil the 'Future of Motocross' at EICMA

It looks like something big is coming down the pike from KTM. Why else would the company announce that it’s going to unveil the future of motocross at the EICMA show in November? KTM plans to open the curtain at the Milan show on a model it says “represents a significant step toward ‘defining new lines.’ The revealing of the new motorcycle is the next logical step for the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer as its tradition as a result-based operation has led to over 160 World Championships.”

The company has included an artist rendering (see below) of what the new model will look like.

The Milan International Motor Show (EICMA) takes place in Milan, Italy Nov. 10-15. The show serves as a world stage for the unveiling of new models from OEMs worldwide. This year, the show will also host the 2009 edition of the Motorcycle Design Awards.