Looking For Some Fun On An Adventure Bike?

photos and text by Neale Bayly


If you are looking for an opportunity to experience riding the world in the saddle of an adventure motorcycle and would like some help and support to make sure you are doing it the right way, before you actually do it, then you need to visit RawHyde about an hour north of LA, and sign up for an Adventure Camp. I could wax lyrically about the benefits and fun of taking off road training on a large adventure motorcycle, but better you check out RawHydes’ web site and figure out how to get yourself there and find out for yourself. I’ve heard a lot about the owner Jim Hyde over the years, and finally had the pleasure of meeting him last week when I took a couple of friends to visit who wanted to find out how exciting adventure motorcycle riding can be for themselves. My friends, Curtis and Eric are both experienced motorcyclists, but have never tried this type of riding so it was perfect opportunity to make all of these things happen in one place. As you can see by the photos the facility is stunning, and the exercises are challenging and fun. Both guys ended the day exhausted with most of it filled with so much laughter they couldn’t catch their breath. They had the time of their lives and are scheming to get back for more training. And I got to spend the day with Jim as he put them through their paces.

Visit the RawHyde website at www.rawhyde-offroad.com/
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