Loudmouth MX Air Filtration System Review by Ray Lewis

If you own a Honda 250 or 450 four stroke you know what a complete nightmare it is to service the air filter. Getting the filter across the cage in the airbox is more hassle than changing a rear tire on a cold day. And since keeping your filter clean is vital to keeping your motor running strong for the life of your bike, frequent cleaning is going to keep you running into filter change headaches.

As many of you know, this problem is not limited to Honda’s, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki are all in the same boat. If you are tired of bent/tweaked fingers from pushing and twisting  the butterfly nut on the mounting bolt and you are fed up with filter oil getting on frame rails and number plates perhaps you want to look into replacing your OEM filter and mounting flange with this unit from Loudmouth. It will change the way you think about servicing your air filter.

Not only will it make accessing your filter about a million times easier, there is the added benefit of increased Horse Power, an average of 3-5 hp depending on the model of bike. We had a big enough increase to feel it via seat-of-the-pants testing.  At 1/2 to 3/4 turn on the throttle the normally mellow 250X was noticeably more responsive. This is largely due to the fact that the Loudmouth system has teamed up with NoToil and uses their foam filters to replace the OEM unit.

The Loudmouth MX filter as installed on our Honda CRF250X

Installation is a bit of a process. You have to remove the stock filter mounting flange, which is held on by some super human silicone. Then, (on the Honda) a small modification needs to be made to the airbox to allow the Loudmouth MX flange to sit flush. We chose to do this while the airbox was still mounted on the bike and it took us about 45 minutes for the entire process. Removing the subframe would have made things easier but would have added more time in disassembly.

We love this thing! The extra ponies and the time saved is worth every penny.

Retail: $149.95 – 184.99
Get one for your bike at www.loudmouthmx.com