Malcolm Smith Racing Hard Parts Collection Has T-Handles

What’s in your tool box? A claw hammer, dried-out JB Weld and an old ratchet with half the sockets missing isn’t going to cut it when you finally get around to that routine maintenance you put off all summer long! While the legendary Malcolm Smith might have been able to beat Baja and stay on gold medal pace at Six Days with nothing more than bailing wire, duct tape and a plug wrench, the rest of us need some real tools to get the job done. Enter Malcolm Smith Racing Hard Parts T-Handles.
“While T-Handles may not be the greatest invention since sliced bread, try working on a bike without them,” says Malcolm Smith Racing Hard Parts brand manager Jason Gearld. “T-handles definitely belong in your tool box!” Durable chrome vanadium construction and a full range of metric sockets make this tool set a must for any dirt biker, he adds.
“The mass of a T-Handle creates a flywheel effect to more efficiently spin the wrench, while the handle itself offers added leverage to break loose stubborn nuts and bolts,” says Gearld. “Deep six-point sockets in the most common sizes should make it possible to make just about any repair short of splitting the cases.”
Features for the MSR Hard Parts T-Handles include:
•Chrome vanadium tool steel construction for corrosion resistance and durability
•Includes 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 17mm socket sizes, as well as #3 Phillips
•Comes with heavy duty vinyl carrying case
•MSRP $46.95
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