Marc Coma Wins the 25th BAJA Aragon

MARC COMA won the BAJA ARAGON with the Prototype BAJA 690 racebike, a non-standard development on basis of the KTM 690 Enduro, which was introduced successfully to the market in February 2008.

The BAJA ARAGON is one of the most traditional and important off-road events on the Iberian peninsula including the country of Portugal.

Though it was clear that Marc will lead the field during the fast stages with the extreme powerful 654 cc engine, the less powerful enduro bikes could compensate their leak of displacement in the technical ENDURO passages. It turned out differently.

Even in the tight stages Marc could easily keep up and cracked several sector best times.

Marc: “I was surprised by the incredible good handling in the technically advanced stages, I was always able to attack despite the bigger displacement and I couldn’t only defend my lead from the speed stages, but extend it. With this experience and the status we achieved with the current prototype, as of today I would call the 690 Baja race bike the ideal alternative for the more and more popular BAJA races”.
1. MARC COMA KTM 690 BAJA 9:40:35
2. CYRIL DESPRES KTM 530 EXC 9:45:35
3. DAVID CASTEU KTM 530 EXC 10:04:55