Marc de Reuver Fit for GP of Valkenswaard

Marc de Reuver is by far the best Dutch motocross rider in the MX1 class. So it was a shock for the Dutch motocross fans when De Reuver got injured during practice of the first round of the Dutch motocross championship in Gemert on March 16th. Initial report was that he had broken his ankle. He was brought to a hospital and his ankle was put in plaster. The day after X-rays revealed that nothing was broken. Two tendons were stretched. So the plaster could be removed and his ankle was taped. De Reuver could not ride his Martin Honda for ten days, but he was able to work on his physical fitness.

Last week Thursday he was on the bike again and that felt good. That’s why he decided to start in an international motocross in Emmen, in the Netherlands. “I will not take any risks”, he said before the start. It was a hard race for all the riders as a lot of rain had made the track very muddy. Two days before the race the track was even flooded. A lot of hard work by the people of the club made it possible to run the race.

In the first moto De Reuver had a good start and he was leading for a short time. Then he let Max Nagl pass as he got a little bit of arm pump. He could easily follow Nagl (“On some parts of the track I was faster than Nagl.”), but lost contact when Nagl more easily passed the fallen Lauris Freibergs than De Reuver did. “The gap became five seconds, so I decided to settle for second position”, De Reuver said.

In the second moto he once again had a good start. Nagl led and was expected to win this moto too. Towards the end of the race De Reuver just rode a little bit faster and surprised Nagl in the one but last lap and won. Nagl and De Reuver both scored a first and a second position, the overall win went to De Reuver as he had the better result in the last moto.

De Reuver felt very delighted after the event: “This final test before Valkenswaard was going very well. I know I am ready to ride my home GP well.”

Practice in Valkenswaard will start on Saturday April 5th at 10 o’clock. Qualifying starts at three o’ clock. The first moto will start at ten past noon on Sunday April 6th. The Eurocircuit of Valkenswaard is located just south of Valkenswaard alongside the N69, the road from Eindhoven to Hasselt in Belgium. Free parking is close to the track.