Monday Through Friday With Cole Seely

By Annie Connolly, 8.25.2010 – Photo by Scott Lukaitis
In this interview we catch up with riders to see what they do during the week when they’re not at the races.  Let’s see what Cole Seely had to say…

Where do you live?
I just recently moved out to Murrieta, CA
Where do you ride?
There are a lot of places to ride out here but usually Comp Edge or Pala where the last round of the outdoor series is taking place.
Who do you ride with?
My teammates Wil Hahn or Ben Townley when they’re in California. I’ve also been out to North Carolina to ride with Justin Brayton.
Daily routine? Wake up…Then?
If I’m riding I usually get up around 7:30 then get ready and off the the track. Then to my trainer’s at the end of the day. Pretty exciting!!
What do you do on a day off?
I usually skate a lot or if it’s a weekend I take my car out to the track to drift.
Favorite thing to do besides ride?
Skate, drift, or play guitar.
Who do you hang out with?
I live with one of my best friends Michael LaPaglia, or my buddies Jesse, Mikey, and Dylan from my hometown in Newbury Park.
What’s on your playlist?
Sam Adams, MGMT, Silversun Pickups, and T.I.
Guilty pleasure?
Definitely a dog person. We’re working on getting a Husky for our new place.
Favorite food?
Chipotle Burrito
Favorite drink?
Ovaltine or Kool-Aid
What do you watch on TV?
A lot of Comedy Central or Fresh Prince when it’s on.
What other sports do you watch?
Football. Only because Brett Favre is a badass.
Favorite video game?
MX Reflex is fun but right now I’ve been playing a lot of Skate 3.

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