Monday through Friday with Matt Lemoine

Interview by Annie Connolly 7/5/2010
In this interview we catch up with riders to see what they do during the week when they’re not at the races. Let’s see what Matt had to say…

Where do you live?
Where do you ride?
Mostly I ride 35 MX, Oak Hill MX, River Valley and Rabbit RunMX
Who do you ride with?
I have a friend that pretty much goes wherever we do Tracey Morgan and whoever is at the tracks
Daily routine? Wake up, then?
Shower, eat breakfast, take poop and get on my way to the track
What do you do on a day off?
Normally do cardio and just relax on the lake or with the family
Favorite thing to do besides ride?
Go to the lake or beach
Who do you hang out with?
Best friends Tyler T J Shea and T Shea
What’s on your playlist?
Guilty pleasure?
Couldn’t tell you
Pet peeve?
No idea
Favorite food?
Favorite drink?
What do you watch on TV?
Yes, Pawn Stars by far my fav
What other sports do you watch?
Football and Basketball
Favorite video game?