Monday through Friday with Steven Clarke

By Annie Connolly 9.9.2010
Monday – Friday with Steven Clarke
In this interview we catch up with riders to see what they do during the week when they’re not at the races.  Let’s see what Scuba had to say…
In between races…
Where do you live?
I originally lived in England but moved to Georgia about 5 years ago.
Where do you ride?
I live and ride at Millsaps Training Facility in Cairo, GA.
Who do you ride with?
Sean Lipanovich, Joey Savatgy, Gavin Faith, Kyle Peters, etc…Lol.
Daily routine? Wake up…Then?
Gym for 8, ride at 9am – 1:30pm then gym at 3 pm
What do you do on a day off?
Favorite thing to do besides ride?
Probably go to the beach and hang out with my friends.
Who do you hang out with?
Sean Lipanovich, Charlie Miller, Nick Myers, Konnor Buffis, Gavin Faith.
What’s on your playlist?
Rap rap rap rap rap rap and did I mention rap? Haha!
Guilty pleasure?
Gatorade, lol so much sugar but so good!
Jack Russel Terrier, “Scrub”
Favorite food?
Filet Mignon
Favorite drink?
Raspberry lemonade Crystal Light
What do you watch on TV?
South Park and Family Guy
What other sports do you watch?
Favorite video game?
MX vs ATV Reflex all the way!!!!

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