Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green riders made their mark on the first amateur national of the new season by dominating the week at Gatorback MX Park in Gainesville, Fla. The green riders earned a total of 12 supercross championships and an astonishing 17 motocross championships throughout thanksgiving week. No other team came close to Team Green, who was the only team to bring their championship total into the double digits. Several riders earned multiple championships including Thomas Covington, Zach Bell, Malcolm Stewart, Andy Pizzitola, Bogen Cochran, Earl May and Keith Johnson.
Monster Energy Kawasaki Under the Tent
A Great Start

A standout in the supercross competition was Pizzitola, who only rode in three supercross classes but dominated each one. He made a phenomenal comeback after breaking his leg last year and not racing much since Lake Whitney in 2008. He capped off his great week with two additional championships during the motocross competition.
Going Out With A Bang

Covington exited the 85 (9-11) classes in style as he won one supercross championship and two motocross championships. After this race, Covington will be moving to the 85 (12-13) classes and is going to be a threat to his other Team Green riders at Lake Whitney in March.
Number 100

Bell was clearly a favorite in the 12-13 classes and proved it as he earned four total championships on the week. He will be one to look out for when the season gets rolling at the Lake Whitney Spring Classic.
MX Dominance

After a tough start in the supercross competition, Malcolm Stewart showed that he can come back, winning championships in all four of his motocross classes. He went eight for eight in his motocross motos and was a huge standout during the second half of the week.
Johnson Times Five

A dominating force in the “plus” classes was Johnson on his Kawasaki KX™450F. He won two of his three classes in supercross, and won every moto in his three motocross classes.

As the dust settled on the week of competition, awards were handed out and several honors went to Kawasaki riders. Two awards, the Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe Award for most overall points and the Scott Golden Goggle Award for the amateur rider with the most points, went to stand out Andy Pizzitola. The CTi Ironman Award, which honors the rider who shows exceptional strength and determination on and off the track, went to Malcolm Stewart.
Overall A Great Start

Coming in for his first amateur national as Team Green’s Amateur Motocross Supervisor, Ryan Holliday seemed to have the winning touch on the riders throughout the week.

“Call it beginners luck, but this was an unprecedented week for Kawasaki and my first with Monster Energy Team Green,” said Ryan Holliday. “It’s hard to imagine getting better results than we did. With wins in the youth, amateur and vet classes, we enjoyed success at every level. I’m proud of our riders and crew for the effort they put in to making this years Winter National Olympics one for the record books.”
Winter National Olympics
Gatorback MX Park – Gainesville, Fla.
November 25-29, 2008
Supercross Championships
Andrew Pierce- 85 (9-11) Stock
Thomas Covington- 85 (9-11) Modified
Zach Bell- 85 (12-13) Stock
Zach Bell- Super Mini (12-16)
Cody Robbins- Open B Stock
AJ Catanzaro- Open B Modified
Andy Pizzitola- 250 C Stock
Andy Pizzitola- 250 C Modified
Andy Pizzitola- Open C Stock
Keith Johnson- Plus 30
Keith Johnson- Plus 35
Earl May- Plus 45
Motocross Championships
Thomas Covington- 85 (9-11) Stock
Thomas Covington- 85 (9-11) Modified
Zach Bell- 85 (12-13) Stock
Zach Bell- 85 (12-13) Modified
Malcolm Stewart- 250 B Stock
Malcolm Stewart- 250 B Modified
Malcolm Stewart- Open B Stock
Malcolm Stewart- Open B Modified
Andy Pizzitola- 250 C Stock
Andy Pizzitola- Open C Modified
Bogen Cochran- 250C Modified
Bogen Cochran- Open C Stock
Keith Johnson- Plus 25
Keith Johnson- Plus 30
Keith Johnson- Plus 35
Earl May- Plus 45
Jacob Hayes- Super Mini (12-16)