Motion Pro Tool Pack

If all the riding you do is at tracks and you have had the occasion to fall over and bend or break a lever or had a shift pedal come loose you know it’s not too big of a hassle to nurse your bike back to the pit to make any repairs. Even if you get a flat and have to push your bike to the pits, the longest it is likely to take to get back is 15 minutes .

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If you are a trail rider and something like this happens, the consequences can be far more serious, you could be totally screwed and might even end up in a life threatening situation where you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way to get back to your vehicle. You laugh, that could never happen! It does, we hear about it all the time. Dude goes out for a solo afternoon ride, gets a flat and is stuck.
It could be you, unless you are one of the smart ones who plan ahead and carry a Tool Pack. Tool Packs come in many different shapes and sizes made by just as many different manufacturers. Our favorite is the T6 from Motion Pro. We have been using it for about six months now and find those minor adjustments that we would normally deal with on a trail ride can be made easily by reaching into the pack at a rest stop. It has tons of room to carry anything you could image you’d need from tire irons to spoke wrenches. All the tools in the photo below can be purchase from the Motion Pro web site making the Tool Pack a snap to fill.

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Features include:

  • Constructed from heavy-duty 1680 denier nylon
  • Approximately 3000 cc capacity
  • Main fold out compartment is 3 1/4 in. L X 10 in. 1/4 in. W X 5 in. H (8.13 cm L X 25.63 cm W X 12.5 cm H)
  • Additional outer storage pocket is 2 in. L X 10 1/4 in. W X 5 in. H (5 cm L X 25.63 cm W X 12.5 cm H)
  • Non-slip textured backing
  • 2 in. padded belt with quick-release buckle
  • Adjust to fit waist 28 in. – 48 in. (70 cm – 120 cm)
  • Heavy-duty non slip belt tension sliders
  • Zippered side pockets and accessory web-belt loops
  • Adjustable wrap-around compression strap system, provides load control and holds additional gear
  • Removable multi-purpose work mat and map pouch with PVC backing 21 1/2 in. X 17 in. (53.75 cm X 42.50 cm)
  • Zipper, clear PVC map pouch, keeps your trail map clean
  • Exclusive, attached hide-away heavy-duty rain cover
  • Nylon construction with PVC backing attached and stows away easily in built-in closure compartment
  • Adventure Rescue Whistle / quick-release is a part of the wrap-around compression strap system (115 decibels)
  • Carabiner Compass, ABS carabiner body, 27mm liquid filled compass
  • High quality Motion Pro PVC logo patch
  • Specifically designed to hold Motion Pro trail tools
  • Retail: $45.99

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