Motosport Xtreme Team Green riders rode for an impressive total of five championships during the 36th Annual Winter National Olympics in Gainesville, Fla. at Gatorback Cycle Park.
With rider Hunter Hewitt, of Pilot Point, Texas, out with an injury, it was up to PJ Larsen, of Stanley, N.C., to make an impact in the expert classes. Larsen was up for the challenge, winning two supercross championships and two motocross championships. Along with his four championships, Larsen also earned the CTI Ironman Award.
Teammates Dean Wilson, of San Jacinto, Calif., and Tyler Sjoberg, of Castaic, Calif., were giving the competition a run in the intermediate classes throughout the week. After coming close to a championship in the 125 B Stock class on the supercross track, Wilson dominated the 250 B Stock class during the motocross portion of the week.
Sjorberg also had a good showing during the supercross section but after breaking his collarbone on the first day of the motocross competition, he was forced to sit out the rest of the week. He is expected to be back on the bike in the next few weeks.
“Even with the injuries, the team walked away with five championships and I was pretty happy about that,” said Motosport Xtreme Team Green Owner Bobby Hewitt. “We’re looking forward to the next national when all our riders will be healthy.”
The Motosport Xtreme Team Green team will be gearing up for the next national amateur motocross race, Lake Whitney Spring National, which takes place in Lake Whitney, Texas beginning March 11, 2008.
2007 Winter National Olympics
Gatorback Cycle Park – Gainsville, Fla.
November 17-24, 2007
Motosport Xtreme Team Green SX Championships
PJ Larsen – 125 A Expert Modified and 250-500 A Expert Modified
Motosport Xtreme Team Green MX Championships
PJ Larsen – 125 A Expert Stock and 250 A Expert Modified
Dean Wilson – 250 B Stock
PJ Larsen – CTI Ironman Award