Mototanx Water Storage Tank Review

Let’s face it, riding off-road is a messy activity, sometimes really messy. The fact that we get dirty plays a major role in why we enjoy it, romping through the mud and muck keeps us young and vibrant. The flip side to all the fun is the challenge of keeping your bike clean. While bike cleaning is critical, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Especially when you consider how little free time most people have these days. Going riding often requires some juggling of the schedule and we are usually beat when we get home, making washing the bike the last thing on our list of things to do. Add a spouse and children wanting your attention to the mix and it gets even more thorny.

In an effort to maintain our sanity while trying to wedge more and more into smaller time slots we have started washing our bikes at the track or riding area when we have finished riding. This leaves the bike basically ready to ride the next time we are ready to go. The factory teams do it. Why shouldn’t we? As an additional benefit, our transport vehicle is much cleaner than it used to be and so is the EDM shop. Since we already had a gas powered pressure washer, all we really needed was a water source. Which, is the one thing we have struggled with in creating our mobile cleaning system. Water containers can be found easily, they come in all shapes and sizes. The trouble however, was finding one that didn’t require us to sacrifice so much of the precious space in our vehicle.

Say hello to the solution to this problem, the Van Tank from Mototanx.

Constructed of 1/8 thick, TIG welded aluminum, the Mototanx – Van Tank is super sturdy and can carry up to 65 gallons of water. It measures 65″ by 22″ deep by 11″ high, has baffles inside the tank to prevent the sloshing of water when you brake or go around corners, weighs just 65lbs empty, and has built-in wheel chocks and tie down grommets so you don’t need to drill holes in your vehicle to make the most of these options.

The Mototanx, Van Tank fits neatly into our Chevy Express van just behind the front seats and acts as a bench seat after the bikes have been unloaded, a nice feature for changing into and out of riding gear. Holes are provided for mounting the tank to the floor but we found with the weight of even one bike, the tank didn’t move around at all. Two full sized bikes fit neatly into the deep/wide wheel chocks leaving tons of room for riding gear and all the other junk we wind up bringing to the track to be piled on top. Simply slide your front wheel into the wheel cutout, attach your tie downs to the grommets and your handle bar and you are done loading. We found that the first bike in needed to be pulled tighter than the second to leave room for the bars to overlap.

The built in tie-down grommets are seriously secured to the Van Tank via TIG welding. You will want tie-downs with carabineer ends as hook ends would fall out of the grommet opening creating a frustrating loading experience. Not that we’ve ever had trouble loading bikes to go riding!

As this photo illustrates, the low profile Van Tank uses very little space in the vehicle.

A two inch filler cap makes filling the Van Tank a breeze. A hose spigot is attached to the bottom for easy side door access.

The spigot can be relocated to an optional mounting position at the front, depending on your placement needs.

Washing our bikes at the track has proven to yield several benefits. We are now riding bikes that are cleaned more often, the bikes that need service between rides are ready and easier to be worked on because they are already clean, and we are not stressed about having to fit a bike wash in before the next ride. It’s already done before we get back to the shop!

We love the Van Tank from Mototanx and we are certain you will too.

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