MX legend Guy Cooper is “in” for Guthrie EnduroCross Round

Pushing 50, Cooper is signed up for the Vet class – says the only thing he did to get ready for Guthrie was ‘dust’
The gloves are off … rather, the cobwebs are off and Oklahoman Guy Cooper is “Goin’ Racin’” this weekend when round two of the 2010 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Series, presented by E3 Spark Plugs, headlines at the legendary Lazy E Arena.
A former 125cc AMA MX National champion, ‘Coop’ last competed seriously in 2002 – at age 40 – on the outdoor national MX tour. Running what could best be described as a Man’s bike, the KTM540SX, Cooper was always a fan favorite where ever he showed up. His pancaked whips were a predecessor to the freestyle movement and his raw speed – and spectacular wrecks – endeared him to two generations of motocross race fans over his long career.
GEICO EnduroCross: Coop! What are you like 50 now?
Guy Cooper: (laughing) 48 going on 60! Everything on me feels older than 50. I fell off a lot in my day!
GEC: What have you been doing these days?
GC: I’m pretty much retired right now. I’ve got a four-year-old daughter and once she’s off to school I’ll probably have to go back to work. My interest’s still in motorcycles, so it’ll no doubt be something within the industry.
GEC: You been riding much?
GC: I’ve ridden about three times in the last year. The knobbies on my ’09 KTM still have the factory mold nubs on them … I might have to run my bike up and down the street a few times to get those off – so nobody laughs at me at Guthrie. I did get out and ride some single track with my brother last week in Colorado. Shook  the cobwebs out a bit there. It was nice to get back on a bike and ride. That got me fired up for EnduroCross, so Lance (Bryson) didn’t have to twist my arm much to come out to the Lazy E.
GEC: You raced Guthrie a few years back, got banged up a bit if we remember right. Caught the bug for the sport, though?
GC: You know, I really used to enjoy trials and trail riding back in the day. EnduroCross – had it been invented 30 years ago – would have been right up my alley. When someone told me it was so brutal you couldn’t make a lap, that got me hooked. I love the concept for the sport. Love to ride it. Love to sit in the stands and watch it. Two years ago I was in over my head a little bit. Last year I just sat in the stands, watched and learned. This year I’ve decided to ride the Vet class.
GEC: You going to break out the 540?
GC: That bike had some horsepower, didn’t it? Funny, I just picked up some J.C. Penny glass display cases off Craig’s List and that bike’s all cleaned up and behind glass in my garage now, along with a dozen others I’ve raced over the years. Looks real nice.
GEC: Right on. Hey, good luck this weekend at round two of GEICO EnduroCross in Guthrie!
GC: Thanks. Look forward to seeing everyone out at the Lazy E on Saturday. Stop by and say ‘Hello!’
Here’s the Lazy E preview link:

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