MX3 and EMX2 – The Successful Season for Team KTM

KTM JM Racing Team was the first factory team in the FIM MX3 World Championship. Since 2004 they have collected three MX3 World Titles. This year they have all the chances to catch the fourth World Title, after they already took the 2008 EMX2 European Title with Valentin Teillet.
The team manager, former motocross World Champion Jacky Martens has described some details about their new successful season.

Q: »Can you describe the season with the new European Champion Valentin Teillet?

A: »The season with Valentin Teillet was something new for us. Nobody did not know him before. Of course we knew he had the potential, othervise we would not even start to collaborate with him. He was self-confident from the very beginning. At the start of the Championship he had good results. In the middle of the season he indulged, what is normal. Young riders are not used to work with the professionals, they have to learn lot of new things. Everything went well till the Slovakian event, when he broke two bones in the wrist. With the help of the Italian doctor he was continuing with the riding and then we were sure that he is ready to become the European Champion.

Jacky Martens

Q: What about the MX3 World Championship?

A: »With Sven Breugelmans and Alvaro Lozano it looked like we have the »dream team«. Our dreams were over at the event in Portugal, where Lozano got the injury of the stomach. It was a bad and hard injury. After some events Lozano was slowly coming back and trying to make some good results. He still feels the pain, but at the moment his state of the health is satisfying. Now we are more focused on Sven Breugelmans. At the beginning of the season he was competing very good. Then he was not so self-confident anymore. We had to help him to work and practice even more hard. He did more technical practices. It look that it helped and now at the end of the season he came back on top. He is in the perfect form.

Q: »You are working also with the Junior Team. What are the conditions with your young riders?

A: »Our Junior Team is working good. With them we have to work on speed and technic. The first year is always difficult. We prepare the riders that they function as the team, what sometimes is not easy. They have got the potential and we can see the improvement of our Junior Team. I think they are working qualitative.
Q: »Which category is more important for you, MX3 or EMX2?

A: »For us both categories are the same, although there are some differences. In the European Championship there is different discipline. You are working with the children and you have to use other methods. I think the future of the teams is in young riders. The good side is that last two or three years there were many changes and the big progress. The EMX2 is important for the future of motocross. Also MX3 World Championship has changed a lot in last years. We can see bigger quality, more journalists, spectators, … The only thing that I do not like is, that sometimes there come some riders from the MX1 GP and after it looks that MX3 is more easy, what is not true. I think the level of MX3 is the same as the level of MX1, it is just that every class has the different charm.

The celebration of the EMX2 European Title

Q: »Are you satisfied with the support of KTM Factory?

A: »Absolutely, after so many years we know a lot about each other and we are working very professional. I do more things than general managers are doing usually. But it is important, that at the end we and also the factory are satisfied. We are like a family.

Q: »Some years ago you were the biggest team in the MX3 World Championship. Now you have a big rivalry.

A: »I think we have been working correct and in the right way. Other teams were following us and now we have many teams in the MX3. KTM did a lot; from promotion, publicity, relations with journalists, fans, … now it is much easier for us because we did many things already before. There are still many things that I have to do by myself, but it is getting better.

Q: »What do you think about the quality of the MX3 and EMX2?

A: The quality is good. The quantity is another thing. At the beginning of the season there were many riders, in the middle of the season there are always less. Now we are close to the end of the Championship. The MX3 event in Chile definitely impressed me. It was the perfect experience and organization. All the teams that were there are working good. What I think about the Championship is, that 16 events are too many.

Sven Breugelmans

Q: »If Sven Breugelmans would win the Championship, it would be his second World Title. Do you think he will succeed?

A: »We put much work and effort for his results. I think he is physically and psychically strong enough. For the Championship Title the season must be finished. We 100% trust and believe in our riders. For the Title it will be very important all the work that he did till now. He is the factory rider and he have to be the Champion.