Jauer in Germany will host the last, triple event for the FIM MX3 World Championship, EMX2 and EMX-85 European Championships this weekend. The two European Champions are already known. We are just waiting for the World Champion 2008.

In this season riders will start only two more times

Sven Breugelmans (KTM) or Cristian Beggi (Honda) will be the name, written on the gold plate that the new World Champion will receive on Sunday, after the last MX3 World Championship event. They are the only riders, that will fight for the World Title. There are 33 points of the difference between the leader Breugelmans and Beggi, but in motocross everything is possible. Breugelmans have to ride reliable as he did at the last events. He need only one more good result and he can assure the Title already in the first race of the last event. He is very self-confident and persuaded in his success. It would be his second World Title. Beggi will try to do everything to win the Championship. With the dream disentanglement of the race, he can conquer his first World Title, but if something would go wrong, he can lose even the second position and he can finish the season on the third position. The third rider Christophe Martin (Husqvarna) does not have chances to fight for the Title. In Germany he can ride relaxed, because he does not have anything to lose. Martin can just acquire and finish close to the top at the second position, if he would compensate 20 points to Beggi.

Valentin Teillet

In the both European Championship categories we already have the new Champions. Valentin Teillet (KTM) will come to the last event as the new EMX2 European Champion. He want to finish his incredible season with the victory. This are also wishes of some other riders. The victory or the 50 points would be very welcome for Loic Larrieu (Kawasaki), Nikolaj Larsen (Denmark) or Loic Rombaut (Kawasaki), the candidates for the second and third position in the EMX2 Championship Classification. The 2008 EMX-85 European Champion is the Suzuki rider Jeffrey Herlings from Netherlands. He had the great season with five wins in eight events. His advantage before the final event is 61 points in front of another Dutch rider Donny Bastemejer (Honda). Young Italian rider Davide Ciucci (KTM) is holding the third position. This season we have already seen very interesting battles of young talented riders, who are very motivated for their results at the big events. They will be the important part of the last and decisive event.

Jeffrey Herlings


2 Sven BREUGELMANS, KTM (Belgium)
4 Kristof SALAETS, Honda (Belgium)
5 Alvaro LOZANO, KTM (Spain)
6 Martin ZERAVA, Honda (Czech Republic)
7 Saso KRAGELJ, Yamaha (Slovenia)
8 Christophe MARTIN, Husqvarna (France)
14 Raphael EAUDOUIN (France)
16 Cristian STEVANINI, Husqvarna (Italy)
18 Dennis Schroter, KTM (Germany)
20 Patrick CAPS, Kawasaki (Belgium)
21 Timotei POTISEK (France)
23 Yentel MARTENS, KTM (Belgium)
27 Johan MARILLIER (France)
28 Adri VANDERSANDEN, Honda (Belgium)
30 Nicolai Marcher HANSEN, Yamaha (Denmark)
31 Kasper JENSEN, Honda (Denmark)
32 Jose Luis MARTINEZ RUIZ, yamaha (Spain)
34 Ramon BRUCART SANCHEZ, Kawasaki (Spain)
41 Angel MONZONIS ANTEQUINO, Kawasaki (Spain)
45 Filips KEMPELIS, Honda (Latvia)
55 Cristian BEGGI, Honda (Italy)
58 Jan BRABEC, Yamaha (Czech Republic)
64 Rasmus SJOBERG, KTM (Sweden)
66 Mederic DEMEURE, KTM (Switzerland)
74 Ivo STEINBERGS, Honda (Latvia)
76 Henrique Jorge DUARTE VENDA, Kawasaki (Portugal)
81 Nikolaj KUMANOV, Yamaha (Bulgaria)
86 Adrian GARRIDO GAGO, Yamaha (Spain)
89 Mike LUXEMBOURGER, Kawasaki (Germany)
92 Maxime EMERY (France)
98 Marcelo DISETTI, Kawasaki (Republic of San Marino)
109 Antonio TINEDDO, Honda (Italy)
121 Jan LAURYSSEN, Honda (Belgium)
123 Frederic WEIGERT, Honda (Luxembourg)
125 Jiri BITTNER, Suzuki (Czech Republic)
130 Daniel SEDLAK, Yamaha (Germany)
141 Alexandre LEFRANCOIS (France)
142 Marko LELJAK, KTM (Croatia)
153 Christoph HAENCHEN, Honda (Germany)
169 David LIVS (Latvia)
171 Marko KOVALAINEN, Honda (Finland)
180 Thomas ALLIER, Husqvarna (France)
183 Michel VISSER, Yamaha (Netherlands)
200 Frantisek MACA, Kawasaki (Czech Republic)
213 Antti PYRHONEN, Honda (Finland)
233 Riku ROUHIAINEN, Yamaha (Finland)
244 Peter REDFORD, Honda (Great Britain)
260 Damien CHARPILLET (France)
263 Tommaso VENDRAJINI (Italy)
264 Benjamin MEUSEL, Yamaha (Germany)
266 Andreas HUBER, KTM (Germany)
268 Steffen ALBRECHT, Yamaha (Germany)
270 Johann CARLSSON (Sweden)
271 Evgeni TYLETSKI  (Belarus)
272 Enrico JACHE, Kawasaki (Germany)
Manuel CHITARRO, KTM (Germany)
16 Kenji NOUWEN, KTM (Belgium)
19 Herjan BRAKKE, Honda (Netherlands)
32 Matevz IRT, Yamaha (Slovenia)
37 Valentin TEILLET, KTM (France)
45 Alex ERIKSSON, Suzuki (Sweden)
48 Andreas SCHMIDINGER, Honda (Austria)
49 Gunter SCHMIDINGER, Honda (Austria)
55 Milko POTISEK, Yamaha (Luxembourg)
56 Ceriel KLEIN KROMHOF, KTM (Netherlands)
61 Jeremy RENKENS (Belgium)
64 Petr SMITKA, Yamaha (Czech Republic)
94 Ken ROCZEN, Suzuki (Germany)
95 Augustus JUSTS (Latvia)
101 Axel ALLETRU, KTM (France)
102 Tommy RAU, KTM (Belgium)
103 Kenny VANDUEREN, KTM (Belgium)
106 Martin KOHUT, KTM (Slovakia)
122 Jan VAN HASTENBERG, Honda (Netherlands)
128 Rasmus JORGENSEN, Suzuki (Denmark)
133 Joey BAK, Honda (Netherlands)
140 Alexander SKRIABIN (Russia)
141 Sergey LEBEDEV (Russia)
144 Sacha NAUDE, Honda (Republic of South Africa)
149 Jernej IRT, Yamaha (Slovenia)
170 Kevin FORS, Kawasaki (Belgium)
175 Nikolaj LARSEN, Suzuki (Denmark)
202 Loic LARRIEU, Kawasaki (France)
203 Nicolo TAMAGNINI, KTM (Republic of San Marino)
207 Giacomo REDONDI, Suzuki (Italy)
226 Rudolf WESCHTA, Yamaha (Czech Republic)
252 Petar PETROV, Yamaha (Bulgaria)
262 Giacomo DEL SEGATO, Honda (Italy)
271 Tom KELLY, Suzuki (Netherlands)
300 Cristian OLIVA GALERA, Yamaha (Spain)
310 Aleksandr TONKOV, Suzuki (Russia)
383 Mathias BELLINO, Yamaha (France)
411 Hugo DAGOD (France)
412 Cedric SOUBEYRAS, Yamaha (France)
430 Christophe CHARLIER, Yamaha (France)
519 Loic ROMBAUT, Kawasaki (France)
685 Steven LENOIR (France)
Marvin KNORLE, KTM (Germany)
Michael SPACEK (Czech Republic)
Michal BARTA (Czech Republic)
13 Dennis ULLRICH, KTM (Germany)
21 David CIUCCI, KTM (Italy)
22 Dylan FERRANDIS, Yamaha (France)
23 Nicola RECCHIA, KTM (Italy)
24 FIlippo MUOTRO, KTM (Italy)
25 Philipp KARNER, KTM (Austria)
30 Simone ZECCHINA, Suzuki (Italy)
37 Kevin VERNER, Suzuki (Denmark)
39 Julien LIEBER, KTM (Belgium)
40 Maximillian KLEYLEIN, KTM (Germany)
51 Daniel PINTO, Kawasaki (Portugal)
54 Vaclav KOVAR, KTM (Czech Republic)
55 Rain KOCH, KTM (Estonia)
61 Angel SUAREZ ALONSO, Honda (Spain)
64 Eddie HJORTMARKER, Honda (Sweden)
73 Jean-Louis GIMMLER, Honda (Germany)
75 Niklas RATHS, Suzuki (Germany)
76 Timo WEHRMANN, Suzuki (Germany)
77 David Mateu ESTORNELL, KTM (Spain)
79 Jaap CORNETH, Suzuki (Netherlands)
80 Dietger DAMIAENS (Belgium)
83 Bobby ZUNDORF, Suzuki (Netherlands)
84 Jeffrey HERLINGS, Suzuki (Netherlands)
89 Tomasz WYSOCKI, Yamaha (Poland)
94 Patrick VOS, Suzuki (Netherlands)
95 Roberts JUSTS (Latvia)
100 David DE BORTOLI, Honda (Italy)
101 Nejc GAJSER, KTM (Slovenia)
103 Donny BASTEMEIJER, Honda (Netherlands)
107 Lars VAN BERKEL, Honda (Netherlands)
111 Ricky BEKELAAR, Suzuki (Netherlands)
112 Micha-Boy DE WAAL, Suzuki (Netherlands)
114 Erki KAHRO, Honda (Estonia)
116 Tim GAJSER, KTM (Slovenia)
122 Emanuele FACCHETTI, KTM (Italy)
126 Felix NILSSON, Honda (Sweden)
128 Ivo MONTICELLI, Honda (Italy)
129 Luca NIJENHUIS, Suzuki (Netherlands)
133 Peter IRT, Suzuki (Slovenia)
139 Maxune DELANGE, Suzuki (France)
141 Arjen LIVIJNS, Yamaha (Belgium)
142 Chiara FONTANESI, KTM (Italy)
143 Jack KELLY, Suzuki (Netherlands)
144 Tommaso VENDRAMINI (Italy)
147 Fabio MARICATO, KTM (Portugal)
156 Damon GRAULUS (Belgium)
157 Lorenzo CUCINI (Italy)
159 Jonass PAULS (Latvia)
160 Denny NEUBAUER, Kawasaki (Germany)
172 Brent VAN DONINCK (Belgium)
181 Wietse BRACKMAN, Honda (Belgium)
183 Manuel WEISS, Honda (Austria)
184 Luca MORONI, KTM (Italy)
203 Nicolo TAMAGNINI, KTM (Republic of San Marino)
217 Joachim GALDEN, Yamaha (Denmark)
229 Henry JACOBI, KTM (Germany)
259 Shevki SHEVKIEV, Suzuki (Bulgaria)
322 Casper NIELSEN, Yamaha (Denmark)
501 Daniel RANDRUP, KTM (Denmark)
Pascal PAHLISCH, KTM (Germany)