National Enduro Series – 10th Round Wickenburge, AZ

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Russell Bobbitt secured his second National Enduro Championship at the tenth round of the AMA National Enduro Series while his teammate Mike Lafferty finished in the runner-up position.

The course conditions were dry and rocky. “The course was very challenging today, but oddly enough, I think it was the first time I’ve ever had fun riding in Arizona,” commented Lafferty after the race.

Lafferty and Bobbitt both rode well throughout the day. Lafferty worked hard and won the majority of the tests which earned him the overall win. Bobbitt stayed strong and consistent and finished second which secured the championship. “I was happy with my ride today but knew that Russell would have to make some pretty big mistakes to lose the championship. I got the race win, but not the championship. Now I will go home and continue my training to come back and try to win the championship next year,” stated Lafferty.

“I am very excited about this championship. I worked hard all season long and am glad that I was able to have everything come together at the final round. It was a close title chase all year. I am happy for the entire team to earn first and second in the series,” reported Bobbitt.
1. Mike Lafferty – KTM
2. Russell Bobbitt – KTM
3. Cole Kirkpatrick – KTM
4. Derek Mahoney
5. Quinn Cody
6. Steve Hatch – KTM
7. Ty Davis
8. Bryan Bruning
9. Clifford Ousley – KTM
10. Tim Hillsamer – KTM
Final Point Standings
1. Russell Bobbitt – 245
2. Mike Lafferty – 239
3. Cole Kirkpatrick – 190
4. Jeff Melik – 120
5. Chris Gallt – 84