New Product From Amsoil – Break in Oil

AMSOIL SAE 30 Break-In Oil allows quick and efficient piston ring seating and protection for new and rebuilt engines. Cam lobes, lifters and rockers are protected by anti-wear additives during the critical break?in period when wear rates are the highest. In addition, increased film strength protects rod and main bearings from damage.

Formulated with no friction modifiers, AMSOIL Break-In Oil allows sharp peaks on newly honed cylinder walls to partially flatten. This results in a larger surface area for the ring face to seat against, while allowing the formation of a dynamic seal that increases horsepower, compression and torque. High performance and racing engines often utilize aftermarket parts intended to increase torque and horsepower, resulting in added stress that can rupture the oil film responsible for preventing harmful metal-to-metal contact on rod and main bearings. AMSOIL Break-In Oil contains high levels of zinc and phosphorus additives designed to provide the anti-wear protection required during this critical period.

AMSOIL Break-In Oil is designed for high-performance and racing engines requiring SAE 30 oil.

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