New Product From Hardline Products

Hardline Products has solved another problem in the power-sports market-place. Now you don’t have to use tape and a sharpie marker to label your gas containers. How many gas cans have you seen in your lifetime that were marked but you couldn’t understand the writing? Gasoline and magic markers just don’t mix! Don’t take the chance of using the wrong octane level in your race bike and experiencing catastrophic engine damage because your container was mislabeled.

With all the different oil and gas ratios required today, have You ever forget what premix ratio you made on the last container of fuel? Tank Tags™ from Hardline Products labels your fuel cans neatly and efficiently. Now you can quickly identify your Stored fluids. Tank Tags are pre-printed tags for Race Fuel, Premix, Gas, Diesel and Water utility cans.

Tanks Tags come in two styles to best suit your needs. Tank Tags Fuel Bands or Tank Tags Disc Labels. Tank Tags Fuel Bands are heavy duty nylon hook and loop bands that attach back on them selves around the handle Of any gas container. Simply flip up the tab to display your “Premix” ratio or “Octane” level. The bands will not fade or Shrink from the outdoors or blow off in the wind. Premix band includes ratios tabs of 32:1, 36:1, 40:1, 44:1, 50:1, 60:1, 70:1, Mixed , Not Mixed and Ethanol Treated. The Octane band includes the following tabs, 98, 100, 101, 104, 108, 109, 110, 112 and 116. Tank Tags Disc Labels are plastic rings that attach to most handles or around filling spout hoses. These disc’s come in 5 different labels; Premix, Race, Gas, Water and Diesel. Simply mark your desired ratio or octane level on the disc. These labels are weather resistant and will not shrink or fade. All Tank Tags include 2 per package.


Retail for Tank Tags Bands is $9.99
Retail for Tank Tags Disc Labels is $4.99

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