New Product Review – Xtream Clean

Some new products arrived at the EDM offices today and somehow found their way to my desk. Since I am maniacal about keeping my bikes clean, it made perfect sense that I would wind up with it, this product is right up my alley. Xtream Clean MX/ ATV Wash and XTC Mud Guard (spelled without the E) is a biodegradable, non-caustic spray designed to cut through tough stains and spots, mud, dirt, grease, sand, and general grime.
I strolled down to the EDM shop to see if I could find a dirty enough bike to try this stuff out, nothing. Well, you don’t have to ask me twice to go out and get a bike dirty and lucky for us it had just rained all day the day before. Off I went to play in the mud for a while. Back at the EDM shop, following the XTC directions, I rinsed off all the large bits of dirt and applied a healthy coating of the spray, just over a third of the bottle. Then sat back to enjoy a cup of coffee while Xtream Clean got its hands dirty. After 5 minutes of soaking I rinsed the bike and to my surprise it was actually clean! Not perfectly clean but pretty good considering the amount of effort I put into it. After a second application in a few key areas it was immaculate. No scrubbing the hubs with a tiny brush, busting my knuckles and it gets into all the tight parts on the motor too. You will still have to clean your chain using something more aggressive (check here for the EDM method) we found Xtream Clean just isn’t strong enough to break down the gunk on your chain. After the cleaning process is complete Xtream Clean suggests following up with their XTC Mud Guard spray which is designed to make cleaning even easier by creating a barrier between your bikes parts and dirt. You simply spray the entire bike and wipe dry with a clean towel.

What we like:

Anything that makes cleaning our bikes easier is always welcome and Xtream Clean does this, very well. As a bonus XTC removed all the gunk/ discoloration at the edges of our graphics kit
What we don’t like:
Going to the EDM shop to wash a bike and finding an empty bottle.
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