New Products – Manual Cam Chain Tensioner


Most bikes come with automatic cam chain tensioners which are spring loaded ratcheting devices. The problem with this is that as the chain stretches over time the ratchet will potentially over tighten the chain. This causes a decrease in horsepower, performance, and cam chain life. TD’s Manual Cam Chain Tensioner is not a ratcheting device. It comes preset with the proper amount of force needed to tension the chain correctly and it will not move. By pre-loading the cam chain guide correctly you will typically see a gain throughout the RPM range. Other manual cam chain tensioners on the market require the mechanic to guess at the best tension just by the feel of the adjuster screw. Repeatability is difficult with this type of tensioner. Manual cam chain tensioners do require some maintenance as the chain stretches, but will be much less likely to fail than the automatic chain tensioners.

Application Part # Price
08-15 RMZ 450 6461 $149.95
07-15 RMZ 250 9-15 KX 250F 6459 $149.95
04-15 CRF 150/250/450R & 250/450X 6428 $149.95
YZF/WRF/YFZ 6473 $149.95
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Twisted Development Racing