Nuetech TUbliss Inner Tube System for MX

In March we tested the Nuetech TuBliss system on an 18 inch rear tire in an Off-Road application and loved it. In the review we explain how the TUbliss system works click HERE to go to it. The test left us wanting to see how the TUbliss system would work in a MX application. The trouble was, Nuetech didn’t have product available to fit 19 inch wheels and they didn’t have anything available for 21 inch front wheels either. Until now and we are delighted!

From the very moment we first heard about the TUbliss system we couldn’t wait to see how it performed. Tire pressure is such a critical aspect of bike set up. The correct air pressure is a fine balance between finding good traction and resistance to pinch flats and tire roll. With most tires, on a typical MX track (dry and hard packed) we don’t go below 12.5 psi. On a loamy well groomed track we will go down to 11 psi. Even at these pressure levels we have pinched rear tubes landing short or over jumping and landing in the flats. Dunlop recommends 11.5 psi front and rear. Inflating your tires to anything lower than 11 psi is asking for trouble. Even though some of the stiffer sidewall tires could handle it we tend to sacrifice traction for flat resistance. Besides, too little tire pressure will allow the tire to roll from side to side on the rim causing the bike to feel like you are riding on sand even though you are on hard pack. It’s not a confidence building sensation. If you look at the side of your rim after a ride you can see the results of tire roll by looking were the rim and tire meet, the rim will be clean for about a ¼ inch.
As a part of the TUbliss system design, the tires sidewall is pinched at the bead between the rim and the high pressure “inner tire”. As a result, the tire is less likely to have “rolling” because it is being supported from the inside as well as the outside instead of just the outside as with a typical inner tube system. This creates a stiffer sidewall and allows the rider to run a lower tire pressure without feeling like he/she is riding in a bowl of Jell-O.
For this test we ran the TuBliss system in both front and rear on our ‘08 YZ250F test bike. Initially we ran them in the stock M31/M51 Bridgestone tires. While these tire aren’t terrible, the have a very supple sidewall and are not a good choice for realizing the full potential of the TuBliss system. So we called up our friends at Paragon Powersports for a set of MotOz Tractionator tires. The MotOz are 100% natural rubber, with a heavy duty case construction. They use dense weave ply cord so greater strength and a higher ply rating is achieved with less ply layers. MotOz also doubles up on the side walls to maximize strength and add a vertical reinforcement section between the sidewall layers for greater sidewall stiffness. What we are trying to say is the MotOz are the perfect choice for running the TuBliss system.
On our first day at the track we tried running typical tire pressures front and rear to get a base feeling for the way the bike handled on the new MotOz tires. Conditions were hard packed with a few loamy sections, generally dry. After a few laps we started reducing pressure in the tires until we got to 9 psi front and rear. Traction was fantastic! We had limited tire roll and as expected, no pinch flats. On our second day testing at the same track but a little dryer, we tried an experiment, we set the tire pressure without a gauge. We determined the pressure by pressing on the tire to feel its firmness. Normally we don’t recommend this procedure as a way of setting tire pressure but since we were testing we thought we’d give it a try. We ran a few laps and found superior traction, excellent feedback and limited rolling at these settings. Here’s the crazy part… the rear had 4 psi. Yes it is hard to imagine but it’s true! And the front was at 8 psi. A quick look at the sides of the rims revealed little to no rolling, only a few sections from hard landings, which by the way didn’t produce any flats.
One other great thing about the TUbliss system is the fact that you have to inflate the high pressure “inner tire” to 110 psi and add air to the tire before each ride. This forces a rider to be on top of the tire pressure he/she is running. Something we find not enough riders doing.
In the end we are stoked with the Nuetech TUbliss system and we know you will be too!
Sizes available: 18 in, 19 in, 21 in
Retail: $99.95 each

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