Nuetech TuBliss Inner Tube System Review by Ray Lewis

The guys at Nuetech have come up with a way to eliminate the use of standard inner tubes in your wheels by creating a system that removes any possibility of air leaking from the spoke holes in your rim. The TuBliss system does this with a small – 1 3/8″ x 18” high pressure – 100 psi inner tube inside what looks like a tire that would fit on a road bicycle. The high pressure squeezes the bead of the motorcycle tire against the rim, sealing against air leaking from it and the spoke holes. The system allows your tire function like most modern street bike tires – without the use of an inner tube. The rim lock, which is built into the system, replaces the OEM unit.

From the moment we heard of these, we were hoping up and down to get a set. They are one of the greatest innovations to come along in a long time!

The benefits of such a system should be clear. The reduction of unsprung weight will enable your suspension to perform better and the ability to run lower tire pressure for increased traction without sacrificing pinch flat resistance are the first two that come to mind.

Installation is a new process and as such requires a learning curve that slows you down quite a bit. Additionally the detailed instructions, a must read, slowed the process down even more as we referred to them constantly to make sure we were installing the TuBliss system correctly. We are sure the next one will go faster. And future tire change time will be cut in half since the tube has now been eliminated from the process.

Overall impression:

We fit the TuBliss system to our CRF250X with a 100/100-18 6-ply tire on the rear. While the thought of running 5 psi in your tires without the fear of a pinch flat the first time you hit a reasonable bump is the stuff dreams are made of. It is likely the sort of thing you suggest to one of your pals to see if they go for it. Not something you try as an experiment just for giggles. Jeff at NeuTech was the guy making the suggestion and we were the pal. Reluctantly, we gave it a go. Imagine how stoked we were riding through sand, mud, hard pack dirt and gnarly rock sections with “trials-like” traction and to our surprise, no flats. In fact, if your side wall is stiff enough, you could actually run zero psi! We started at 8 psi (50% less than normal) and settled on 5 psi. The low pressure did create more drag which made the CRF feel less peppy but with the added grip we felt it was a small price to pay. You will want to experiment as most tire manufacturers sidewall stiffness varies.

Installation is a new process and as such requires a learning curve which slows you down quite a bit. If you can change a tire, the process is easy. If you can’t change a tire, click HERE for detailed instructions by EDM shop girl Laurie. There is some drilling required to make the correct sized holes for the valve stem and rim lock. If you get lost you should watch the installation video which explains everything HERE or call tech support 7 days a week. We are sure the next one will go faster and future tire changes are going to be a treat since the tube has now been eliminated from the process.

There is only one thing we didn’t like about the TuBliss system. They are not yet available for 21 or 19in applications. We can’t wait to try them on our more aggressive bikes!

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