One Day Of Magic – 1980 Carlsbad USGP DVD Released + Special Screenings

In conjunction with the DVD world premiere of the seminal documentary covering the first time an American won the United States Grand Prix of Motocross at the original Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad USGP:1980 – One Day Of Magic is set for a special weekend of screenings at the historic 1927 Carlsbad Village Theatre on State Street.

“It’s time to bring the film home to Carlsbad for a special weekend commemorating the release of the long-awaited DVD,” explains Todd Huffman, the film’s producer. “The weekend will kick-off with a special DVD release event on Friday, October 1st, which includes:
• Special Screening of “The Carlsbad USGP:1980 – One Day of Magic Presented by Daystar Products” Show starts at 7:30 with a quick live auction of an original ABC Wide World of Sports Banner used at Carlsbad Raceway for the USGP and a chance to meet USGP motocross legends in attendance;
• See Marty Moates’ #23 Yamaha YZ465 replica on display in the lobby;
• DVDs, USGP Race Number Bibs and USGP Movie Posters will be available for purchase throughout the weekend.
Note: Carlsbad Village Theatre capacity is 300, so buy your seats in advance for any of the seven (7) screenings throughout the weekend!
Where: Carlsbad Village Theatre
2822 State Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 720-2460
When: October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2010
Screening Times:
Friday, October 1st: (Special DVD Release Event) 7:30pm
Saturday, October 2nd: 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm
Sunday, October 3rd: 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm
Ticket Prices: $10.00 advance purchase before 10/01/10; online or box office, $15.00 at the door
Tickets can be purchased online at:
Or by phone at (760) 720-2460
For more info and driving directions visit:
Sponsored by: Daystar Products, Pipeline Digital Media, City of Carlsbad, Moto Retro Magazine, AMA HoF Event-Vegas, Pala Raceway, Vintage Iron, Early Years of Motocross Museum, Ossa Planet and
An original ABC-TV camera position banner from the 1980 USGP, a Marty Moates’ LOP Yamaha YZ 465, and Moates’ USGP starting gate from Carlsbad were a popular focal (and focus) point for San Diego movie premiere attendees.
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Carlsbad USGP Historical Profile:
Until that fateful day in June 1980, the FIM 500cc United States Grand Prix at Carlsbad had been dominated by European racers. “The princes of the sport,” as ABC Wide World of Sports announcer Jim Lampley called them at the time had reigned supreme in the nine years that the race had been promoted by Gavin Trippe and his partner Bruce Cox.
In fact, Dutchman Gerrit Wolsink won the USGP at Carlsbad an astounding five times himself. The dried clay of Carlsbad’s “blue groove” track became known as “The Rock” as it continued to crush America’s best riders. In 1977, American Jim Pomeroy made history in Carlsbad by becoming the first American to win a moto at Carlsbad. However a crash in the first turn of the second moto prevented an American from winning the overall and again handing a victory to “The Dentist”. It would be another three years before an American would be in contention for the Carlsbad crown.
In the summer of 1980, two men were battling it out for the 500cc World Championship: American “Bad Brad” Lackey and Belgium’s Andre Malherbe. As the series headed from Europe to California, most fans were betting on Northern Californian Lackey who had been flying the U.S. flag solo on the GP circuit for eight long years. However on that hot Sunday in June, it was not Lackey or even one of the regulars on the GP circuit that leaped to the front of the first moto. It was not even one of the established Factory American riders ready to make a name for themselves by leading the world’s best for a couple laps at least.
Instead of one of the heroes or legends, it was local privateer Marty Moates who grabbed the holeshot. Marty not only led the first moto, he overcame crashes and passed the Euros to win the second moto as well! A virtual unknown he had finally accomplished what no other American rider before him could over the previous decade… win the Carlsbad USGP! And ABC’s Wide World of Sports’ cameras were rolling all the while.
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