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  • New EDM Project Bike – KAWASAKI KDX200
  • KX 125 Re-Build – The Ugly Duckling
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Sharing the Passion

October 2016 nudged the calendar to the 70th birthday for my father in law. As a gift to her dad my wife asked people he has known throughout his lifetime to write a letter to him, most of the responses tell him how he has impacted their lives. Her goal was to get 70, she received 73 or 74. You go girl! The idea was to compile a unique, hand…


New EDM Project Bike – KAWASAKI KDX200

We have a new project bike, it’s a 1992 KDX200, and thought it might be fun to have our readers suggest improvements we could make. We will go through it from top to bottom. Let us know your ideas in the comments below. We appreciate your input!


How to Wash Your Motocross Motorcycle

If done properly, it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Cleaning the bike – plastic, engine, wheels, linkage, fork
Cleaning the air filter – remove and clean filter and clean air box
Cleaning the drive train – chain and sprockets
Lubricating – drive train, cables, air filter
Finish plastic and apply protector


Speed is My Need – Movie Review

Going fast is a relative thing. We all have a threshold, a comfort zone where we are willing to spend a great deal of time without so much as batting an eye. We make mistakes here and there but they are usually minor. But the moment we push past that point all bets are off. And mistakes happen. Speed is My Need is a documentary that takes a deeper look…