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You Are What You Eat

by David Segal CPFT., ACE., AFAA., PFIT. You are what you eat Because we all ride, race or workout at different times, the following suggestions should be incorporated into your training regimen as you consider the time of day that you will perform. Training for riding calls for an understanding of the benefit that the proper foods can do for your energy levels and body strength. If you live on…


How to Clean a Motorcycle Chain on Your Motocross Bike

4 Steps To a Clean Chain Sponsored by First thing. Never, never, never use a pressure washer to clean your chain! Pressurized water will kill a chain faster than you can imagine. Stay away from your chain with that pressure washer, clean and lubricate your chain regularly (after every ride) and your chain and sprockets will last significantly longer. With just a few products and 20 minutes of your time,…