• Kidney Belts, Should You Be Wearing One?
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  • Track Day Riding – Is It For You? Part Three in a Four Part Series

Eating Sensibly

What you need to understand about food labels. If you’re like most people who ride dirt bikes, you ride, do some sort of excersize in-between riding, and you try to eat sensibly. Yet you still can’t shake those last few pounds, the ones that hang over your kidney belt giving you “Dunlaps” Disease (when your belly dun-lap over your belt). If you want o stay lean and mean or want…


The High Cost Of Riding

The other day I overheard a guy talking to his wife about a new dirt bike he “needed” to buy. It seems his trusty old XR400 just wasn’t living up to his expectations and he wanted to buy a brand new model. His wife, a non-rider explained to him that she couldn’t understand why he needed another bike, let alone a new one. Her argument was that they have to…


ASV Inventions Solo Sag Tool

From ASV Inventions – The Solo Sag Scale Simply attach the clamp (the ASV knob) to your rear fender, insert the rubber cone into your rear axle, climb on and move the slider into position. It’s a snap! The Solo Sag Scale is designed to enable you to adjust your suspension sag without the aid of a pit crew. And while it does do as it claims, we found getting…