The word passion is a wonderful one. It can be applied to many different situations from romance to religion. It has many synonyms: fervor, enthusiasm, zeal, each in its own way describing the intense emotion or keen interest that exists at that moment in time. The kind of emotion that inspires the level of focus required of a person to achieve greatness. Another word, very similar to passion is the word obsession which can be described as an idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind. Off Road motorcycling has been doing this to me since the first time I kicked a 2-stroke to life. For me riding is the thing that gets me through tough times because I know in the back of my mind at some point I will go riding again. I have been told by many people I’m obsessed, most notably my wife. I am fortunate enough to have turned my passion into a job working at a motorcycle magazine and I’m now passionate about my work. It has been said that if you find a job that you love, you will never work a day in your life.

How it is that being obsessed carries bad connotations when the narrow focus obsession provides or creates is exactly what is needed or even required of young athletes these days? Is there a line between passion and obsession? Can it be that we are sick? Or is it just me? I can tell you one thing, passion comes from within. Something inside clicks and there’s no turning back. Many would say that is required to be successful at any endeavor. Christ had passion and look at what he achieved!

Passion is not something you find at the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks but when you see it in a person you know it’s there. Or, more interestingly, when it’s not there you really see it.

We’ve all seen that guy or girl working at a job they hate. You hear it in every word they speak, you can sometimes even see it in the way they stand or move.

The lack of enthusiasm simply oozes out of them. The interesting thing is, when it’s there for one thing, it often transcends to other things in that persons life as well. So those who are passionate about one thing tend to be passionate about most things. And the same goes for those who are not passionate. That person who’s unhappy at the cash register is very likely lacking zeal for anything else. I wish them luck in finding passion.

Sometimes we don’t see it at all. But it’s there, lying low, quietly burning, just waiting for the moment to step up to the plate. Passion is the thing that inspires a mechanic to stay up all night trying to isolate an issue. It is what gives him the ability to change a tire in five minutes when it should take twenty. To be relentless about making sure everything is right.

Passion is what gives a person the ability to say I will not quit. I will not allow my hopes and dreams to be pushed aside.

The United States was blessed with the return of the MX of Nations after an absence of 20 years. Here you will find a spectacle of Passion. Starting with the organizers at Budds Creek and finishing with the young kid at the finish line cheering as his hero goes by. If you are fortunate enough to make it, look around and soak it. If you can’t make it to a motocross event, just open your eyes to it as you come into contact with people during the day.

Passion is a beautiful thing.