Product Test: ARAI VX-PRO3

As we get older silly things become more important, like the comfort of your head while riding. There once was a time I would wear anything on my head, as long as I was riding, everything was great. Now that I’m an old man, 45. I like to be unaware of the gear I’m using as I’m wearing it and I like it to fit properly. When it does I can focus on more important things… like relaxing and enjoying the ride.


It is a rare occasion when a piece of protective gear comes along that is so comfortable that I want to wear it even when I’m not on the bike. As a matter of fact I don’t need to be in the same neighborhood as a bike to want to wear the VX-PRO3 from Arai. To say it is like a gentle kiss from a Super Model would not be far off. Although it would be very strange and a little cheesy. The lining and fit of the VX-PRO3 is so comfortable and inviting it’s like laying your head in a soft down pillow, albeit one with a hard protective shell..

It doesn’t do any funny things to your ears when you take it off or pull it on, and has fantastic ventilation, the PRO3’s ventilation system features a total of 13 intake and exhaust vents. Each vent is adjustable and fully closeable, and the liner is easily removable for easy cleaning and replacing. It comes in a variety (too many to list) of colors. And, as a special bonus, it has a new safety feature. The cheek pads are removable via emergency pull tab, this innovation is Arai’s new Emergency-Release Cheek Pad design – created specifically for MX/off-road motorcycle helmets. It was developed to allow easier access to an injured rider, the cheek pads are designed to slide out easily with the use of integrated pull-tabs, which makes removing the helmet much easier for trained medical technicians. The idea is to make the helmet less snug so it slides off without stretching the vertebrae in the neck, thus reducing the potential for neck injury caused by removing the helmet.

An additional 11mm of forward tilt has been added in the upper chin bar nose area to give the rider more room and a more open feeling. All of Arai’s VX Series’ dirt helmets have a unique rounded chin bar shape with less protrusion, the intent being that a rounded shape with minimal protrusion is less likely to catch and dig in during a spill. The chin bar also gets a new one-piece, stamp-formed, stainless-steel expanded-mesh screen designed to provide a durable barrier against roost while minimizing mud-packing. The closeable chin bar vent gate, introduced on the previous VX-PRO (DC), allows control of airflow into the chin area and can be easily removed and replaced if desired. Another carry-over is the completely removable and washable interior head comfort liner and cheek pads with Arai’s exclusive Dry-Cool® material.

Arai’s VX-PRO3 is available in three solid colors, three Windham-3 colors, five Narita-graphic colors, and five Barbed Wire-graphic colors in sizes XS to XXL. MSRP ranges from $473.95 to $587.95.

Details on the VX-PRO3 can be obtained at your nearest full-service Arai dealer or at Find your nearest dealer on the website.