Product Test – Vance and Hines full Exhaust on our CRF450R


Bolting the Vance and Hines XCR Exhaust system onto the Honda CRF450R bike is easy. Using the power the Honda makes after this simple hop up, even easier. The pipe makes the Honda’s power very useable and more controllable from the mid to top. And even though it was meant to add more mid to top, I felt  it added just a little more snap at the bottom as well. Not only does the V&H exhaust perform well it looks piles better than the stock system.

IMG_1594Riding the bike around a wide open national outdoor style track really shows you the potential of the bike and I was very surprised at how much more power the V&H system provides with such a reasonable and easy installation. The pipe gives the bike snappier throttle response and the power keeps going on top instead of going flat which the stock pipe does. The V&H system also lets you run a little longer in each gear before shifting and it makes the entire power range more useable all the way from the bottom to the top.

In the past, a pipe is not something I have added as a performance part when I  have just taken a new bike home from the dealer. Typically I would replace the exhaust system only if it was damaged in a crash. However, after seeing how this pipe has woken up the Honda, in the future, I will be adding a pipe from the get go.

Overall, the build quality of this pipe is exceptional. It is considerably longer and thinner than the OEM unit and seems to bark a little louder. In the end I would give this pipe a 8/10 for performance, value and quality.


Head Pipe: $170.95

Silencer: $299.95

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