Race Report : Thunder In The Sand, Wildwood, NJ

Thunder in the Sand Spring
Words and images by Scott Lukaitis

The sounds of the ocean waves lapping against the sandy shore weren’t the only sounds you’d hear on the weekend of June 5-6. On that weekend the motorsport friendly town of Wildwood New Jersey played host to the Thunder in the Sand. The event, held twice a year, once in the spring and once again in the fall, takes place directly on the beach. That’s correct, any other weekend you’ll find beach towels and umbrellas but this weekend is for motocross. There is a complete schedule of Motocross and ATV racing but the relaxed pace of one moto per class each day makes the weekend feel like a bit of a moto vacation. The racing action, however, certainly isn’t a vacation as the generous pro purse brings out intense competition.

#161 Charles Sherby was the one rider to beat Lettieri this weekend.
250s –

The first 250A moto of the weekend saw Honda mounted Adam Blessing grab the early lead with Suzuki mounted Frankie Lettieri with Yamaha mounted Charles Sherby hot on his heels.  Blessing would continue to lead early but Lettieri would eventually get by and check out for the moto win. Behind Lettieri in moto 1 was Blessing, Pete Devlin, Pasquale Morrocco, and Sherby rounded out the top five.

Moto #2 saw Lettieri and Sherby reach the first turn side by side with the edge going to Sherby. The Yamaha pilot would lead as Lettieri got pushed back to third by Morrocco. As Sherby started to check out Morrocco and Lettieri would battle side by side, corner to corner. Getting his drive through the whoop section in the center of the track Lettieri lined up the pass on Morrocco and made it happen in the next corner. Now past Morrocco, Lettieri set off after Sherby who was all alone out front. When the white flag came out Lettieri was within striking distance of the lead but at the checkered flag it was Sherby with the win. Lettieri was second followed by Blessing, Morrocco and Devlin rounding out the top five. Lettieri (1-2) would get the overall followed by Blessing (2-3) and Sherby (5-1) rounding out the podium in third overall.

#461 Frankie Lettieri was 3-4 for the weekend.
450s –

450A class racing moto 1 saw Lettieri get the holeshot and the first year expert racer battled Honda mounted Anthony Roth early but then checked out on the rest of the field and went on for the moto win. Behind Lettieri at the line was Roth, Sherby, Blessing and Yamaha mounted Greg Lurch.

The second moto saw Onorino Fascelli put his Honda out front early with Roth. Lettieri and the rest of the field hot on his tail. Roth was quickly around Fascelli and led the field. Lettieri and Sherby continued their 250A battle in the 450A class and when Roth when down it became the battle for the lead. Roth would remount and was now racing Blessing for the final spot on the podium. While Lettieri began putting a gap on Sherby, Roth and Blessing’s battle ended when Roth went down in the rough whoop section. By the end of the moto it would be Lettieri with the win followed by Sherby, Blessing, Fascelli and Evan Forosisky rounding out the top 5. Lettieri would take the overall (1-1) followed by Sherby (3-2) and Blessing (4-3) rounding out the top 3.

#547 Adam Blessing and #514 Anthony Roth do battle in the sand

The weekend was a success and despite Saturday nights rain the track held up in excellent condition. Check it out in October for the fall edition. www.thundermoto.com for more details.

Thunder Motorsports Results, 06/04/2010
250 A: 1. Frank Lettieri (Suz); 2. Adam Blessing (Hon); 3. Charles Sherby (Yam); 4. Pasquale Morrocco (Kaw); 5. Peter Devlin (Suz);
250 B: 1. Zachary Donlin (Kaw); 2. Josh Bock (Yam); 3. Jason Govatos (Hon); 4. Kevin Quigley (Hon); 5. Tyler Killeen (Suz)
250 C (GROUP 1): 1. Brice Lloyd (Hon); 2. Devon Grisham (Yam); 3. Freddy Kramer (Yam); 4. William Zicha (Hon); 5. Jim Simonsen (Kaw)
250 C (GROUP 2): 1. Chris Kirk (Yam); 2. Justin Bradley (Ktm); 3. William Gouldner (Kaw); 4. Donzi Dambrosa (Suz); 5. Tommy Dorsi (Hon)
250 C (GROUP 3): 1. Tony Dixon (Yam); 2. Craig Stocker (Suz); 3. Timothy Vogel (Suz); 4. Mike Vane (Yam); 5. Dashauyn Staten (Hon)