RACE TECH Develops Fork Kits For 2011 KAWASAKI KX250F

New Fork Kits designed for the new Showa fork system

Race Tech’s latest Fork Spring Kit and Gold Valve Fork Kits are developed for the all-new fork system found on the 2011 Kawasaki KX250F. The new Showa forks are unique in that one fork acts as a damper and only one fork has a spring. Oil is contained in both 47mm fork legs.

Race Tech has two Gold Valve Fork Kits available for the new Showa forks: The Type 1 Gold Valve (FMGV 3421C) and the G2-R Gold Valve Fork Kit (FMGV 3421GC). Both Race Tech Gold Valve Fork Kits contain Compression and Rebound Gold Valves (including custom Mid-valve settings), complete instructions, Valving Charts and Shims. Gold Valve Fork Kits improve the flow characteristics dramatically. Gold Valve Fork Kits provide a firm and plush ride that gives better feedback to the rider resulting in more “feel” and outstanding traction. The G2-R Kit is more versatile and optimizes the loading of the shims while improving flow. G2-R Gold Valves can be preloaded (digressive) and/or restricted (progressive).

Race Tech’s Fork Spring Kit for the 2011 Kawasaki KX250F (FRSP 4374 Series) is available in many rates to accommodate a wide range of rider weights. Race Tech’s HP Springs are made of the finest spring materials and have a high stiffness-to-mass ratio. The FRSP 4374 Series Springs are available in .80, .85, .90, .95, 1.00kg/mm rates.

The type 1 Gold Valve Fork Kit (FMGV 3421C) and the G2-R Gold Valve Fork Kit (FMGV 3421GC) retail for $179.99. The FRSP 4374 Series Fork Springs retail or $79.99. Race Tech products, tools and services are available by calling Customer Service (951) 279-6655 or please email: sales@ racetech.com.

Race Tech’s shock products are available for the 2011 KX250F. The Gold Valve Shock Kit (SMGV 5003) retails for $169.99 and Shock Spring Kits (SRSP 6727 Series) retail for $114.99 .

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