Renner/ Carmichael Tie at 34 Feet for Gold in Moto X Step Up – X-Games 15

Red Bull/KTM rider Ronnie Renner took home X-Games gold in the Moto X Step Up event – only he didn’t plan on sharing it with another rider.

Six competitors started the Moto X Step Up competition when it kicked off at 7:00pm Thursday night. Kevin Windham was up first with the bar set at 25 feet. He cleared it and so did the following five riders. The riders repeated that action at 26 feet. It was time to raise the bar. The third round saw the bar lifted 3 feet higher now at 29 feet. Metal Mulisha freestyle rider Bryan Deegan was the first to go out unable to clear the bar.

With five competitors left they raised the bar to 30 feet. Each competitor easily clears the bar. They move up to 31 feet. Kevin Windham is up first. Windham taps the bar and knocks it to the ground both times – he’s out. Renner steps up, and easily clears 30 feet on his KTM two-stroke and he and the remaining riders move on.

All riders clear 32 feet. The bar rises a foot again now to 33 feet. The first competitor, Matt Buyten easily clears the bar. Jeremy McGrath is up second he launches and hits the bar. He tries a final time and strikes out once more – he is out of the competition. Renner steps up, throws a huge whip and easily finesses his KTM over the bar. Ricky Carmichael clears as well.

Now to 34 feet, Buyten tries first and misses both attempts. Renner and Carmichael clear 34 feet. As the bar steps up to 35 feet tension is high as it is down to the final two riders. Renner is up first. Unfortunately he misses both attempts and he needs Carmichael to miss to still have a chance. Carmichael misses both of his tries and now each rider will get another shot.

Renner lines up for his third shot at clearing 35 feet. He launches and taps the bar and doesn’t make it over. Carmichael lines up and goes for the jump – doesn’t quite make it and crashes on the landing. Carmichael is out and the competition is declared a tie. Renner earned gold!

“This is one of my favorite competitions. I was having so much fun I wish I would have had another chance to clear the bar. I am happy to get the X-Games gold and am already looking forward to next year,” commented Renner.

Moto X Step Up Results
Ronnie Renner – GOLD – 34′
Ricky Carmichael – GOLD – 34′
Matt Buyten – SILVER – 33′
Jeremy McGrath – BRONZE – 32′