SAXX Underwear Review

We’ve all heard of “junk in the trunk” before right? But have you ever heard of a trunk for your junk? Mens testicles have a way of getting… well… in the way. Or sticking where they shouldn’t, mainly to your inner thigh.

Keeping your coin purse where you want it just got easier. SAXX underwear is a new under garment designed to keep your sack separated from your legs. They do this by creating a pouch where your nards rest. It sounds strange, and certainly feels strange the first time you wear them. But once you get use to them you won’t want to wear normal underwear again. Made of a flexible, breathable Nylon/Spandex mesh which contours to your shape, the SAXX briefs were never restrictive or tight, offered support when needed and kept us cool and dry on even the hottest days.
SAXX briefs are available in three lines Bamboo, Everyday, and Performance and come infour styles Trunk, Boxer Brief, Long Leg, and Long Johns.

  • The Bamboo is very soft, lightweight and comfortable. The fabric comes with a moisture wicking and anti-microbial finish to keep men cool and dry.
  • The Everyday cotton is a medium-weight, high quality 95% cotton, 5% spandex blend. The everyday line is designed for daily comfort.
  • Performance fabrics wick moisture, are breathable, and add compression. Saxx Performance provide ideal support and comfort for active and athletic men.

We tried a set from each line and love them, especially on hot days. If you have ever had a hot sack you’ll appreciate them too.

Size and prices vary, check the SAXX website for details.

Check the short animation below for a clear explanation on how SAXX work