Shock Doctor Keeps Riders Safe at MX Sports’ Amateur Motocross Championships at the Loretta Lynn Ranch

Shock Doctor, Inc., the global brand leader for superior protective products throughout the sports industry, will be outfitting motocross riders and educating them and their families on the benefits of protective equipment in the sport, at the upcoming MX Sports’ Amateur Motocross Championships at the legendary Loretta Lynn Ranch. Shock Doctor’s Eject Helmet Removal System is endorsed by MX Sports for improving safety in amateur racing.

“Since the recent introduction of the Eject System to amateur motocross, the response from families, emergency medical technicians and race promoters, has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Bill Best, vice president of motorsports for Shock Doctor. With 1,300 riders expected to attend the Loretta Lynn Championships, this is the ideal arena to emphasize the importance of using additional protective equipment while riding, including mouthguards and core protective gear. Shock Doctor is pleased with MX Sports’ endorsement of the Eject System, along with the opportunity to introduce its safety advantages at their high-profile racing events.”

Shock Doctor will be present at the rider registration area, to demonstrate, sell and install the Eject System in rider’s helmets. The system, which uses a tiny plastic bladder and inflation device to gradually push the helmet off of the racer’s head after an accident, is currently required for AMA Pro Motocross and Supercross competition. After registration, Shock Doctor’s display tent will move to the rider start staging area.

“Riders who’ve already had the Eject System installed, as well as EMTs that have been trained in its use, are unanimously impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the product,” said Best.

Additionally, Shock Doctor will be among the sponsoring brands on vendor row with their full product line available, including the patented Power Dry System, Moto Shorts, and Moto Insoles. The Gravity2 mouthguard, designed specifically for motocross and other helmeted sports where a face mask is used, will also be introduced. Shock Doctor’s mouthguards help stabilize an athlete’s jaw, increasing strength and performance, while reducing the risk of impact and concussions. Honda Red Bull Racing’s Andrew Short, regarded as one of the most elite athletes on the pro circuit, endorses the Gravity2 mouthguard and doesn’t race without it.

Shock Doctor’s full line of mouthguards, including those fitted for braces, will also be showcased. Coupons for a free Shock Doctor mouthguard, redeemable at their display tent, will be included in racer’s gift bags.

The AMA Air Nautiques Amateur National Motocross Championships, produced by MX Sports, is the premier event of the year. Attracting top racers from around the globe, it’s recognized as the biggest amateur national motocross championship in the world. This year’s event takes place August 2-8.

No helmet and no helmet accessory can protect competitors in all accidents. Competing on tracks is dangerous. More information is available at