EDM Tested – Shock Doctor Moto Shorts

If you are wearing boxers or tighty-whities under your riding pants and dealing with the OEM hip pads that come with them you might want to reconsider the safety and protection of your family jewels. We have tried bicycle shorts, even other riding short made by moto companies but none have come close to the quality and comfort we have found with the Moto Short from Shock Doctor. If you haven’t seen them, they are worth a good look. The low profile and sleek design lets them fit under your riding pants seemlesy. In fact you hardly notice to are wearing them.


Constructed from LYCRA® 4-way stretch fabric that is super comfortable, provides compression to lessen muscle fatigue, and wicks away moisture to keep monkey butt to a minimum. Integrated foam pads on the hips stay in place no matter how your body is bent in the event of a get off. Padding on the inner thigh protects against chafing on long rides and the X-FIT inner-brief integrates a wraparound internal supporter that KEEPS YOUR JUNK IN PLACE making for unparalleled comfort, fit and protection.

We love these shorts, they are the best we have seen on the market and wear them every time we ride. They have become a staple in our gear bag and we have a fit if we forget to bring them.

Go to www.shockdoctor.com for yours