Sidi Crossfire MX Boot Review


If you are in the market for a set of high end MX boots, take a good look at the Sidi Crossfire TA. Sidi has been in the boot business for over 40 years and as you can imagine, has picked up a few things along the way. One of these is a feature we love most about the Crossfire, the Cam Lock Buckle system. These buckles are so easy to use, they make typical buckles seem like a Rubiks cube. The buckle also includes a strap memory retention system that keeps the strap at the same length until you decide to adjust it.

On the inside, the crossfire is lined with Cambrelle which, due to its Polyimide structure, guarantees rapid drying. Teflon treated mesh panels in the calf area allow the humidity to escape while the boot is in use. The insole is an anatomically shaped composite which can be removed to provide more room. Sidi does not use a steel shank. Something we didn’t notice at all on long rides.

Going back to the outside of the boot, the Crossfire is designed with a dual flex system, which coupled with four independent floating straps, offers a rider a supremely personal fit. Adding to this is the adjustable calf system which allows you to expand the diameter of the Crossfire at the calf to accommodate knee braces or fat bastard sized calves. The entire upper portion of the boot is re-buildable. In fact you can customize the colors of your Crossfire’s as you order them from the Motonation web site.

During our test we changed the calf size a few times but wound up settling on the smaller size, using the larger left a lip that hooked on the frame which was annoying enough to make us switch. In the smaller position the junction was smoother, problem solved. While this stopped the boot hooking on the frame , it did not stop from hooking on the number plate graphics which were destroyed as a result. This is the only complaint we had about the Crossfire, other than that, they performed flawlessly. These boots are not budget models but they are worth stretching your budget to be able to buy them.

Retail: $425

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